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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Friends Down Under....and Findhorn

It's been so cold here today....the car was telling me it was minus 2 on the way home from our walk....it felt colder, but then I am such a wuss and don't do cold well!

Before I get on with walk photos and in complete contrast, here is a post from our new friends in New Zealand, they actually hold a Highland Games in Auckland, complete with Pipe Bands and Highland Cattle and Honey the Great Dane has done a post about it!
Cool photos and a great video of her day including the German Shepherd display team in action, it's lovely to see a Highland Games where the sun actually shines!! After looking at this post you should go check out her main site, Honey does lots of activities including therapy work and canine freestyle!

Anyway.......today we were invited for a walk with this motley crew but Mum didn't think her nerves would take it.......we still can't be trusted in the woods (apparently we embarrass her!) and she was disappointed to have to say no. Also with Dad working, Liam would have had to tag along with 'four wifeys' as he so delicately puts it, though i'm sure he wouldn't have objected to the cake that inevitably followed!

So. We went to Findhorn instead for a walk round the point, starting at the boatyard, down onto the Bay and going round to the North Shore. (I love that, makes it sound Hawaiian!)

The last Gorse blooms have been tickled by Jack Frost.

Beside the boatyard.....bunnies everywhere!

Findhorn Village from the bay

The obligatory Beagle shots

Towards Burghead (wish my camera was better, it looked nicer than this with my peepers!)

Not too windy today, but even in calm weather Findhorn Bay can be dangerous, just look at these currents....

....there's sinky sand too!

Time for tea

We're thinking we should have called our blog "Pawprints in the Sand"!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Snoop, Rosie, Alfie and Gabbi,

Thanks for mentioning my blog - am honoured! :-) Am really glad you liked the photos & video of our Highland Games...my human laughed at your comment about the sunshine! But she says Scotland is so beautiful, even though it is cold and has difficult weather - just look at your photos! That light is amazing. I love the photo of your paw prints...I must try and do one here on the beach in Auckland too!

Honey the Great Dane

domino said...

beautiful!!!! ;)

Dannan and The Girl said...

Wrooooo, that's colder than here! Our snow from yesterday is melting today!

At least you all got to go out for a hike, even if you didn't get to go with the doggies from Gennasus!

The Girl says to tell you that she loves the pictures of scenery, she wants to see Scotland very badly! I just like the pictures of the Beagles, though. And possible pictures of bunnies, I think I'd really like to meet a bunny.

Brown dog kisses,


Are those beagle prints in the sand? You guys are so lucky to be off leash so often running free on the beach.

Gennasus said...

What a lovely flat sea! It all looks so serene (apart from those currents)
We didn't see any deer at all in Slorach's Wood, making too much noise I think! Come next time.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Honey, you're welcome...and we can't wait to see the Auckland pawprints!
Domino, thanks...your paintings are gorgeous too!
Dannan, I will try to get some bunny shots for you, they're quick as lightning though!
Jazz & Dixie, yes...big prints are Alfie's and the little one is Gabbi's and yes, we are so lucky to live near a beautiful beach!
Sue, mmm, you may not have seen any deer but i'll bet my lot would have smelt some! Maybe next time. With one Beagle. On a lead!

simona e marco e i loro tesori preziosi...paco e milo said...

Wowwwwwwww...dear friends..
that's colder than here!!!!!!!
but we have snowwwww!!!:-))))))
you live in a very very very beautiful and spellbound place...this pictures are marvelous and to look at these photos makes us dream to be in those marvelous beaches together with you!!
we love the photo of your paw prints...
And did you have had a great tea time???
Lots of love dear friend and......you don't take too much cold....;-)))))

Amber said...

Good job sniffin' out those bunnies but BURRRR it looks cold!

Niamh said...

You beagles get to walk in the most beautiful places! What a lovely bay and I'm sure you had lots of good smells.

Your friend,

Annaret said...

Absolutely incredible photos!!! WOW!

Kess And Her Mama said...

The pawprints in the sand is a classic shot! Love it! Scotland is beautiful...

Stella said...

Hello, I am Stella! I came to your blog from my pal Dannan's and I love your pictures.

I live in the USA and we have a little snow right now, but not too much. I love doing zoomies in the snow! Your dogs are well trained to be able to be off the leash. I have to wear a harness and leash no matter where we go! All wrong if you should ask me.

You beagles come visit sometime!

Kisses, Stella