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Saturday, 22 November 2008

These pesky Beagles!

Today was one of the rare occasions Craig wasn't working, so he came for a walk.........BUT.......no sooner had we started our walk (we literally walked about 100yds) Snoop caught a scent and went running.......the rest of them followed! Deerhunting again, brats! Luckily we found them all, one by one within a couple of hours, with the help of some very kind people who were out walking.......thank-you!

While looking for them I saw a fox, it's only the second one i've ever seen but of course I didn't have my camera ready. Anyway, I didn't get any photos on the walk but needless to say, they were all dog-tired when we got in so I got some cute shots then. We are still picking jabbies out of their fur and there are some red muzzles! It seems we can't even trust them in the car park at the moment (which is in the woods) so it's strictly ON LEADS until we're safely on the beach.....until the weather warms up anyway!




Rosie (she was hiding her tootsies)

Did you know..........Beagles have smelly feet? It's true......they smell like malt.......which is great if you like Horlicks!

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Cocoa the Beagle said...

My mum says she never trust me to roam in an open space off-leash because my nose takes over my hearing. Sometimes she can call out a hundred times or so before I even think about coming back! Either that or she would have to have a roast chicken in hand for me to come back lol!

Cocoa and Barley