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Thursday, 18 December 2008

6th Folder meme and River's card.

A while back we were tagged by Nala to play the sixth photo meme and we're only just getting round to it! The rules are, you go to wherever you store your images, go into the sixth folder and post the sixth image along with the story behind it, it's interesting to see what comes up! You're supposed to tag six others to play too but as everyone's busy at this time of year we're just going to say if you want to play, then play!

I have folders for different purposes so i've posted three images, but none of them are as cool as Holly and Zac's photos and story about the Devil's Arse!

The first is the 6th from the 6th in my blog folder. It's little Gabbi posing, I don't know what she's spotted but I have a feeling Rosie was probably barking at some poor soul and Gabbi has stopped sniffing to see who....or what! I think this photo has already appeared in the gallery, it was taken at Roseisle on 14th December 2007....wow, hard to believe it's over a year old!!

The next is one of the rare occasions I will appear on the blog! It is the 6th from the 6th in my Beagles folder and was taken by a friend at Bon-Accord Open Show in Aberdeen on 5th July 2008. (I MUST remember to always smile, not scowl!) It is Rosie on the table ready for the judge, I can't remember how she was placed at this show, I think she got a reserve in her Junior class. Click here to see just how much she looks like her daddy, it's scary! (scroll down his page to see him on the table and you'll see what I mean!) The final one is the sixth file in my Pictures folder, it was sent to me in an email by my friend June from Chrisdegar Labradors and it's so cute, the text is great too if you can make it out! (you can left-click to enlarge the image)
Last but not least, River has done a Christmas card....aah, isn't he cute? Look at those big Hound eyes, how could you resist giving him your last bit of Christmas shortbread?!

3 sniffy tailwags:

Jen said...

finally get to see the lady behind the beagles!

Amber said...

Glad you played the game! It was neat seeing your Mom too....:) Also, River's card is adorable!


Cocoa the Beagle said...

Oh my! Rosie is really a replica of her dad! The markings, pose, build are too similar! Gorgeous!! *blush*