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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Wot, no Jake?

Ever seen that film "The Day After Tomorrow"? Well that's what it looked like here this morning....sadly no sign of the delectable Mr Gyllenhaal, maybe I should have checked the library!
This was the view out of our back window this morning. We'd had freezing fog overnight leaving a thick frost on everything but the sun was out and it looked beautiful. Craig was out in the morning and wanted me to wait for him so he could come for a walk too.
But by the time he was home and we set off the sun had disappeared and it looked like this.
Grant Park :o(
The Boatyard.
Rosie shakin'
So cool, the gorse was full of frosted spider webs.
Just onto the beach and we bumped into this Ridgeback boy and a young Weimaraner bitch who was in season....of course "God's gift to all bitches" Alfie was quick to offer his services and attempted a quick demonstration of his awesome manliness....on the Ridgeback!
Pathetic looking windsock!
This is how the Culbin looked today!
Hard to believe this is more or less the same view, taken just over a fortnight ago!
There was ice everywhere and big chunks of it floating in the bay.
I never thought i'd say it but I wish it would snow!!

So anyway....I was playing around with Liam's phone tonight (the one I didn't want as I couldn't get on with the camera :!) and I discovered it has a macro setting and a pretty good flash! (to make Rosie's eyes look scary!) I took it outside and snapped some of the frosty foliage in the garden....I could have done with it earlier for the spider webs....despite my pleading the boy will not part with it now....oh well, off to eBay we go!
Yup, she's still hugging that cushion!

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Julia said...

Wow, I love that frosted spiderweb - that is incredible!

Stella said...

Ah, you and the beagles need to live near me in Minniesnowda, USA! We have water too, the land of 10,000 lakes! Of course it solidifies in the winter but the boys drill holes and still fish!
You want snow, here is where you will find it!


Gennasus said...

Poor ridgeback, you'd better give Alfie some lessons in the birds and the bees.
Even if you had been walking where we were today, we wouldn't have been able to see you!! I lost sight of Tom at one point!

The Devil Dog said...

What great photos. What a great area. Are you close to the ocean? Can you hear it fom your house? Mom loves the sound of the ocean. Sorry to make you drool over the bread. It was really good. Mom hasn't gotten into the white bread yet. Tomorrow. Auntie will probably post the recipe on her Cooks With Love blog. Mom told her she had requests for it. You can find it from mom's blog.
Have a great day.


DaisyMae Maus said...

Wow. Icy an' foggy ... an' just gorgeous. It was sunny an' kinda cold here in San Diego, CA. About 60 degrees Fahrenheit in WINTER is rather pathetic. Enjoy all of that beauty, beagles!

Amber said...

Cool frosted spiderweb! Isn't it amazing how quickly it changes...it does that here alot! Luckily, I made it out today while the sun was still shining! Happy New Year!


The FOUR Musketeers said...

WOW ! A frosted spider web ? How cool !

Kess And Her Mama said...

Cool looking pictures! Brr...Thanks for sharing the garlic and herb tip. The next time, we'll add those to Kess' meatballs.

Thor said...

Hi Snoop, Alfie, Rosie and Gabbi!
Thanks for visited my blog! =)
You are beautiful doggies! I will add you as my friends, so I can visit you more often! Nice to meet you, guys! You have a great blog! Beautiful pictures!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Thor xoxo

Cocoa the Beagle said...

WOW! Frosted spider webs! We've never seen anything like that before! Amazing!

Cocoa and Barley