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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

New Friends and Injuns

Today's walk at Findhorn.....

This girl was lovely, she's a Rhodesian Ridgeback X called Ruby, I know these are a bit blurry but I just loved her ears!

No sooner had she disappeared around the point, a man came along with his RR boy and a Scottish Terrier, I didn't get photos, I always feel as though I should ask people's permission to photograph their dogs and they seemed in a bit of a hurry, maybe catch them next time!

It really is starting to look like San Diego here!

Seals on the other shore, one or two in the water.

Wait a minute, you're no seal, you're just a poser!

This Border Collie was very playful, like a puppy....he was play-bowing and bouncing around! His owner said he was a rescue that they'd been having trouble homing because of his age....I asked how old he was....and he's fifteen! Wow, that's like.....105 in dog years!!! His name's Jasper and apparently he loves football but was more interested in the rock he'd dug up!

Later on Mum went for her last bit of Christmas shopping in Elgin (just as well it was the last bit, there's no money left!!)....these Native Americans were performing in the High street....not very Christmassy but good anyway. We didn't buy the CD but filmed them for a while before giving them our last pennies....enjoy!

On a completely different subject, Honey Dew and Sampson got some really cute little Basset Hound ornaments sent to them and they reminded me of some Beagle cupcakes i'd seen somewhere so I had to go and find the link....check these out, they're totally awesome!

4 sniffy tailwags:

Happy said...

Hi there! What great pictures! My human loves the ones at the beach and the sky!

Thanks for dropping by! It's really nice to meet you!

Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Gennasus said...

Ruby looks lovely! Reminds me a bit of Jana (sort of!).
I would have liked to have seen those performers, wonder if they'll still be there today......as if I'm going anywhere near Elgin today!!!

Niamh said...

So nice to make new friends on your walks. The water must of been very cold but you all look like you are enjoying yourself.

Your friend,

Amber said...

Cool that you got to meet a Ridgeback! What fun!