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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Sinky Sand and Stinky Beagles

Findhorn again....
I am so impressed that these still have flowers! You might be able to make out the geese (ducks??) flying in a V formation above.
All the bunnies scarper when you walk past....hiding under the boats?
Gabbi shook as soon as I clicked....facewarp! (Liam has Facewarp on his phone, so funny! I might post some yet!)
Rosie finds something delicious to roll in!
As you can see, i'm very impressed with the full moon....I wasn't the only one, as I left the beach around a dozen photographers arrived with their posh cameras and tripods, this is not unusual in Findhorn, we get some lovely skies here!
Gabbi prints.
Razor Clam graveyard.
Ooh, what are those??
Seals!! The tide was so far out today that you could easily have walked to them....not a good idea though, they may look cute but will defend their territory! Besides, I don't trust the sand....watch the video below!
Sorry it's a bit shaky, I had actually thrown a stone onto the sinky sand to demonstrate how quick it is but of course the Beagles thought it was a biscuit and pounced in!
A passing plane....wonder where it's going?
This is about as empty as the bay gets, the River Findhorn flows closer to the Culbin than this side.
Bottoms up!! When we get home Gabbi refreshes herself in the old half whiskey barrel in the garden, usually it's Rosie AND Gabbi drinking with their bums in the air but I wasn't quick enough with the camera today!

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Jen said...

so many great tales and photos! i love the full moon, too. my husband and i planned our wedding date around it. :)

Mark and Joanne said...

Ah, Just testing!!!!!! LOL, LOL!
that you're there..........

Mark and Joanne said...

Only joking Mrs. Beagle!
More lovely photos and great to
see all the dogs running around
having a "seal" of a time!! That was meant to be a joke rather than
"whale of a time!" Well it is rather early for me!! xxxxx

Gennasus said...

Great minds think alike! The moon did look lovely yesterday and I would have taken a photo but had forgotten to take my camera on that walk! Don't think it will look so good today.
Mind you don't lose a beagle in that sand!!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

I meant to go out and get another moon photo a it later when it would have been big and yellow, but forgot!
"Seal" of a time is better than them having a "deer" of a time!!
I nearly lost a wellie in that sand! Gabbi was the funniest but I panicked for her a bit and stopped filming, she was really struggling! Just shows you how dangerous it is though.


Hi Guys,
Firstly thanks very much for the award. We love your blog with all its beautiful beagle and scenery pics. Not sure wether we would go into that sinky sand! Mum took some pics of the moon this afternoon from the balcony.

River said...

Sinky sand is scary but beagles will go after food any where.

Thank you for your kind words about Sasha. Every loss is so hard.

Nice moon. I would like to howl at it.

love & wags,

Amber said...

Gabbi...you are too cute with your bottom in the air! ;) Also, very cool that you saw seals but I would be afraid of the sinky sand too! YIKES!


Mino said...

i think this is like a dream getaway travel brochure for dogs....

Dannan and The Girl said...

Wow, I've never been to a beach, but I'm sure there's lots of wonderful things to roll in!

We love the paw prints in the sand! And Craig's pics from the last post were also beautiful.

That last picture of Rosie at the rain barrel was SO funny!

Brown dog kisses,
Dannan (the nursemaid) and The Girl (the sickie)