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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Camera Critters, A Sunny Walk and A New Award

Not a great shot of this week's Camera Critter but we thought she was cute. On our walk yesterday we noticed this little kitty tucked up all cosy in a pile of leaves under the hedge. On the way back from our walk she was still there so we decided to investigate, see if we could get a sniff.......she woke up......and hissed at us! Mum had thought she was a kitten but when she woke up it looked like she had cataracts, aww! We're saying she cos she was so little!

....further along the hedgerow and into the field, yippee!

The turbines you see are the ones I wrote about before, the bases are painted, you can see them here.

It was such a clear, sunny day that you could pick out individual trees in the Culbin, see right over Findhorn Bay and beyond to Cromarty. Once again I wished I had a better camera but still ended up taking too many photos!

We have been given another award, this time from our new friend Nessa, she lives in Slovenia and has just started a blog about her and her friends, they have lovely photos and a cute cat, you should check them out :o) Thanks Nessa!

It's lovely to be chosen for an award but I always find picking a few blogs to pass awards onto really difficult (last time I was supposed to pick 8 and had to stop myself at 20!) so i've decided i'm not doing it anymore, it's so hard when you love all the blogs you read so I nominate ALL the blogs in my blog lists and if you want the award, please help yourself!

19 sniffy tailwags:

The Army of Four said...

There is no such thing as "too many pictures"! You do such a fantastic job with your camera.... and the Dughallmor pack is just soooooooo adorable!

The Army of Four said...

PS: Congratulations on the award!

Jodi said...

Wonderful photos and congratulations on your well deserved award.

Painter Pack said...

Woo guys are just too cute for words! Crazy cute! HaRooooo!!! Great pics!! Never too many!!

Mya Boo Boo

Stella said...

My Moms agrees with you about the awards. She says she is gonna do what you are gonna do.

More wonderful pictures (except for the hissing cat) and it looked like a good day.

So, good day to you,


Sam and Bodhi said...

Okay! Give me your address i am going to have my mom send me to your fun-filled life!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


Dot O said...

Congrats on your award! So cool! Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods. I do wish I could come visit your place when the puppies are born however it's just a bit too distant for me...

I think I've made contact with someone whose pups are due in mid March. It's a three-hour drive away from us. We will visit beforehand, though, to check out the place.

Do your beagle babies mind cold weather? My guy does. He runs out, does his business, and runs right back in and crawls into his warm bed.

Love all your photos today. Nice to see sunshine and pretty skies. It is so cold here that it hurts to open the door and stick my face out!

Amber said...

Very cute how you are looking at the kitty through the fence. :) Good thing there was a fence in between you or her hissing may have turned into something more....YIKES! ;) Cool sky photos too! Also, I wanted to tell you that it was hearing your barking on the video that inspired Mom to post the beagle picture. :) She enjoyed that.


Patrizia said...

Hey thanks for leaving a comment on my blog last November - I haven't checked it since then!! Naughty thing that I am. I will start blogging again soon.
Love your dogs and as far as I can see, one cat. :)

L.E.W. said...

I LOVE pic 3,4 & 5. It's something magical about them.

The very furry dog you saw on my last post is a Chinese Crested Powder Puff. :) I know, the pic made him look bigger than he really is. He's a HARD working man ... :)

Have a great Sunday!
Ciao from Alih, James & crew.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Good thing the kitty was on the other side of the fence! Great pictures, guys!
Congratulations on your award!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Martha Basset said...

We love your pictures and would never think there are too many.
Well done with your award and thanks for sharing. It looks very cute!
We still want to go to the beach after hearing the sea in you other video!
Martha & Bailey xx


Hi guys,
That little cat was cute all curled up in the leaves. We agree that you can never have too many pictures especially if they are as good as yours! Congrats on your award. We like the little saying in your side bar about dogs having many friends. Mum has another similar one on her calendar this month - " Dogs are such agreeable friends, they ask no questions and pass no criticisms"

Tibby said...

It looks like you all had a fun walk! That is a cute kitty you found! ... Well if you can call a kitty cute! Certainly not as cute as us dogs!

The Devil Dog said...

We love your photos. Your area is so beautiful we love seeing it. Right now, we are covered in more snow, about 6 inches. Sigh. I am tired of snow and cold.


Stanislaw said...

Hey Beagle dudes!
I come by way of Maggie and Mitch. It's very nice to meet you! You look like you live in HEAVEN. I would give anything to escape this icy cold climate and run in the fields!

Mason Dixie said...

what a great award from Nessa. Thanks for stopping by. =)

Dannan and The Girl said...

Congrats on the award! It's pretty cute, although my cats won't lie on my back like that! It looks kind of like a Beagle... would you all lie still like that for a cat to lie on your back????

Amazing pictures, as always! There are never too many pictures!
Brown dog kisses,

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

You can never take too many pic's!

Those are really nice, i really do like your collages that you do.

Congrats on your award. :-)