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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Harvey & Chloé

Wrroooo! Today we saw some furries we haven't seen for years! Our Mums stood and nattered while we chased treats....and each other....well, Rosie was at the other side of the park pestering a poor Border Collie, while the rest of us did some sniffy tail-wagging. The very handsome Harvey is a Miniature Schnauzer and the pretty lady Beagle is called Chloé.

We say our goodbyes and go our separate ways and soon Harvey and Chloé have disappeared over the hill.

The next photos were taken on our walk at the park yesterday....

We went up Cluny Hill....brave, I know....but there weren't many bunnies about so no disappearing acts today!

We even walked beside the spooky graveyard (otherwise known as Rabbit City!)

It's hard to make out what this is but it's the edge of Helge's Hole which is a small crater in the middle of the hill, if I remember rightly there is a performance here on Midsummer's Eve, apparently the acoustics are great! (I think it's something to do with the Findhorn Foundation.) You can see across it and wave at people walking on the opposite path and in the Summer and Autumn it's very beautiful.

Skyline of the buzzing metropolis that is Forres! (Taken from the start of Cluny Hill walks.)

13 sniffy tailwags:

Niamh said...

That looks like a terrific place for sniffing. I bet your beagle noses were in overdrive hunting for rabbits.

Glad you had a good time with your friends.

Your friend,

The Devil Dog said...

That is a very beautiful area you live in. Mom says it would be great to go on a walk with you guys.


The FOUR Musketeers said...

looks like you have another fun day out yeah !!!


Happy New Year guys. We look forward to another year of your fun beach adventures and walks as well as the great photos. Mum had to buy those warm coats before we went away on our snow weekend. It was a last minute purchase and only pink were available in our sizes. Everyone here loves them although mum wishes they were green or orange (her favourites).

karensbrae said...

I like Alfie's pointer impersonation!!


Mirrekex said...

Ohh thank you very much! What a nice blog, you have sweet dogs. Glad I was of your visit. Have a nice day Mvh Mirre

Amber said...

Chloe and Harvey are very cute! Looks like it is a little less frosty there...is it warmer??


simona e marco e i loro tesori preziosi...paco e milo said...

Hi dear friends!!!!!!!
how are you???
Sorry for our absence but mum has had some problems with the pc!!
your photos are always very very mavellous and the places where you went for sniffing.....so beautiful...like heaven!!!
Glad you had a good time with your friends!!!!!!!!!!!
Chloe and Harvey are very cute!!!!
Lots of love and kisses!!!!!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Wow. What a great place to roam around an' sniff stuff. Not many bunnies is okay, though. Buns are for admirin' ...

Thor said...

What a wonderful place! Those pics are very beautiful! I am happy that you had a great time walking and meeting friends! Harvey and Chloe look nice and cute!


Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

What a great way to spend time - and great pics!

Amber said...

I didn't mind the beagle at the beach barking at me! I figured that if his owner would have just let us say hello then things would have been fine. :) Stay warm!


Hero said...

Happy New Year! Those places you visited are haunting and mysterious in their beauty. Did you find any rabbits during your hunt? I sniff out their borrows where I live, but my mom never lets me do anything more than track them down.