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Monday, 2 February 2009

Tagged Twice, Lemonade, Some New Contests and Yet Another Sunset!

Firstly, i'd like to apologise for the long post, bear with me....I have alot to fit in and don't like to post more than once a day :o)
Our new friend Dennis the Vizsla Dog has tagged us to play a fun game.....we have to go back through our photos and say what we were doing a year ago.....hmm, let's see....Dennis tagged us on Friday which was 30th January, we've looked and we don't seem to have one for that day, but these were taken on 31st Jan 2008 on our walk at Roseisle. See how our Mum's photography has improved, what do you think? She has of course made a collage! Gabbi has rolled in something- lovely! Click on Dennis's name (above highlighted) to see his "One Year Ago" post.

The next one was taken on 2nd February 2008 (seeing as that's the day we're posting!) It was taken at the same show as we were at on Saturday, Caledonian. Here is Gabbi being taught how to stand nicely so she can win stuff....she won Best Puppy in Breed that day....(but she was the only Beagle puppy entered!!)

We are supposed to tag three others to play. Dennis was clever and tagged three of his newest friends so we're going to copy him!

We tag our three most recent followers:

Carolina, who writes Brinkbeest, a funny blog which I discovered today after she commented on my Camera Critters post. She lives in the Netherlands and has Labradors, Horses and as far as I can make out, at least two cats!

Nigel, Sola & Co. from Vermont whose blog is also very funny and has many followers. Labradors and a geeky Greyhound smack-talking each other, hilarious!

Addie and Lucie from Texas, they have a really sweet blog, Addie is a Border Collie X Great Pyrenees and you can watch her little sister on Lucie cam, it's so cute! They are doing a new contest (see below for details).
We are also going to tag Stanislaw, (as Nigel, Sola & Co have been following us for a while, not sure why the followers appear in that order) So anyway, Stan the Man is a Cocker Spaniel who eats a raw diet (like us) and he's a laugh a minute!

So new buddies....tag, you're it!


When we went back to Dennis's blog today to read his latest post we saw that he has tagged us again! This time it is the Honest Scrap tag, we have to write 10 honest things about ourselves. Samantha, Holly and Zac's Mum has also done this recently and left the tag open to anyone who wants to play so she gets a mention too. Our Mum just did the 40 things tag all about herself and it's OUR blog, remember Mum? So, because there's four of us we will do two or three things on each of us....and I suppose we'll let that stinky feline in on the act too! Click on the image below to be taken to Dennis's "honest" post, it's a hoot! (but don't go until you've finished reading, haha!)

I once tried to make Gabbi have puppies, the day after that the vet took my plums!
I am a serial growler and not allowed on the bed because of it, not sure why I do it, i'm lovable really!
I am happiest plodding along on the beach, sniffy-tailwagging.

My awesome nose used to get me into trouble all the time and I once spent the night on a hill in a blizzard while my humans cried and made posters about me being "missing". They found me in the morning after Mum had stapled the first poster to a tree. I got more cuddles than usual that day.
When we are out walking I rarely leave my Mum's side incase I miss out on a treat, greedy? Mum says it's my greed that got me through my Good Citizens awards!

If anyone tries to cuddle me while i'm sitting on the sofa I fall back and lie on my back with legs in the air!
I like to hump....mostly Alfie (such a hunk!) but Snoop is sometimes the object of my affections too....and occasionally Gabbi is lucky enough to have me humping her, I haven't tried it with Gus yet, he doesn't seem that friendly!
Mum says i'm the naughty one, just because I don't like it when my walk ends and she sometimes has trouble getting my lead back on!

I am the fastest eater out of us all, I can demolish a chicken wing in about five seconds and it requires only three chews and a big gulp, then i'm ready for the next one!
I am really clingy towards my Mum and if she goes out without me I yowl and cry and walk round anxiously until she comes back.
I suffer with phantom pregnancies and after a season I apparently have boobs like Dolly Parton....whoever that is!

No-one really knows how old I am as I came from rescue, I think i'm about 10 human years old. When I came from the slammer I was really badly burnt, I have a big hairless scar on my side which I don't like to be stroked, if you touch it I swipe you with my deadly claws!
I hate dogs and in particular Beagles, which is unfortunate. And Angus....I love to eat spiders!

So there you have it, (more than) 10 honest things about us, thanks for tagging us Dennis, we enjoyed playing both games! If you are not already familiar with Dennis you should go and check him out, he's a funny dude....and he can fly! Click here to visit him :o)

We are supposed to tag seven others to play, but we're gonna cheat again....if you want to play, leave a comment, if you're one of the first seven, consider yourself tagged! (unless you've already been tagged, just say!)

Dina has given us the Lemonade Award...... when life throws you lemons....make lemonade! As always, we are saying if you want the award, help yourself!

Thanks Dina! If you haven't visited Dina before, she is Samantha's Mum, therefore Holly and Zac's granny, she has a lovely photography blog. She has also set us a challenge....to post a photo of the Loch Ness Monster! We only have one photo of Loch Ness, it was a beautiful sunny day though so Nessie must have been in hiding, she prefers the typical "dreich" Scottish weather!

We'll do our best to catch a glimpse of her next time we're over that way and post if we get a sighting of her, i've heard she's not very photogenic though!

We are playing a some new contests, the first is hosted by Mason Dixie and it's to design your own blog award (you can get help to do this), send your entries in to Mason by 19th February, the winner will be decided by votes and announced on Mason's birthday, March 10th.

The next one is hosted by Addie and Lucie (clicking on the image should take you to their blog) Send them one of your lovable photos by 21st Feb and you could win a prize, full details are in their sidebar along with the entries so far. The pawprint heart was designed by Tibby's Mum, isn't it lovely?

Next up, the Four Musketeers are doing a Sporty Dog contest, send in photos of your dogs looking sporty before 1st of March. Again, clicking on the image below should take you to Lady, Zena, Cody and Joyce's blog.

Sporty Looking Dog Contest

All three blogs are in our blog list and the buttons will go in the sidebar soon too so you can easily get to them :o)
Our walk yesterday at Burghead had the most beautiful sunset which i'll include in my Skywatch post on Friday. We didn't really get many photos of anything else!

Through the looking glass.

The sunset was really intense and cast a beautiful glow right along the beach.

Rosie finds a free meal on the beach, Gabbi & Alfie join her to dine....mmmm, thanks Mr Pony!

This video was supposed to capture the serenity of the beach in the evening, with the lovely sunset, the calm water and the peaceful sound of the waves gently lapping the shore.....so I can only apologise for "Gobby Gabbi"!! (she is why the camera's a bit shaky too!)

16 sniffy tailwags:

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Great post... my mum known as Granny Dina had me giggling a lot! haha

Loved the peaceful video with *Gobbi Gabby* LOL

As i already did it i wont be counted in your first 7 commenters tag. I couldn't possibly think of 10 more things about me! LOL

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


What a post full of soooo many things!

Dennis is a hoot! That pretty much sums him up, eh!?

As for the tag, Mom and I are already tagged to do it - I just need to get her lazy butt and brain thinking on it fur us!

Have a great week ahead!


Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello beagles its dennis the vizsla dog hay those ar grate posts for the tags i like how yoo split it owt amungst yoreselvs maybe i shud hav given trixie and tucker and even trouble a chanse to tell there storeez too!!!! oh wel maybe nekst time meenwile well dun beagles well dun!!! ok bye

Amber said...

Wow, you beagles are going to be busy with the contests! The ten facts were fun to read! You four always make me laugh. :)


NESSA the hovawart said...

your post includes fabolous pics as always...and a lot of contests...the post was fun to read:-)
Love and kisses,

Martha Basset said...

Hi guys
We were worried that you were up all night doing your post for today!
We enjoyed reading through it although of course neither of us knows where we were a year ago!
We particularly liked the 'honest' stuff from you all and that made us laugh!
Rosie sounds like Bailey at the end of walks............argh
Martha & Bailey xx

Maggie and Mitch said...

Great post, guys! We LOVED all of your pictures and we feel that we know you all so much better! Congratulations on your awards!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Carolina said...

Thanks for tagging me, but I really have no clue what I was doing a year ago. So I'm not playing. Sorry ;-o (bonus: I don't have to tag other people).
Loved your post, had a good laugh about the personal doggyfacts. Before I forget: please leave me out of that one. It's not that I don't like playing, but I don't want to burden others with these sort of things. Well, you don't either I believe :-) But hey, at least I don't feel left out anymore for you are the first one to tag me :-)
Big smile!

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

phew! I will have to come back a bit later to read the rest of your humongous post - I am exhausted!! ;0D

I am worried because at the beginning you say you have a "bear with me", what is the bear like and is he a friendly bear? If so what is his name? And can I see a photo of said bear?

I enjoyed reading about you all, and will come back after my lunch to read some more of this post.

lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxxxx
pee ess I don't know who Dolly Parton is either!

Gennasus said...

You were in the right place at the right time for that sunset. Don't know where I was but I missed it completely!
Going for a lie down now, need to prepare myself for your next post!

Simona,Paco e Milo said...

What a wonderful pictures!!!
we love you and your blog...sharing with us these heaven you gave us possibility to know your country.....whish to be with you......but mum have promised us that asap she'll bring us to make an holiday in your marvellous Scotland!!!
can't wait to know you and playing in these superlative beaches together!!!!
Kisses and licks!!!!

Dot O said...

Wow, your post contains so much info today - but the one thing that I've got stuck in my craw - were the beags dining on what I think they were????? Second question, if the answer to the first question is "yes", how many weeks must go by before you allow them to kiss you again!!! LOL

Great photos! Love the sunsets, Loch Ness, and am amazed at the improvement in your photo skills over the last year. Love your collage too!

Life With Dogs said...

I got here late! But you just gave me inspiration for Wednesday. Time to go back to the archives :)

Happy Monday Beagles!

The Devil Dog said...

Wow, what an action packed post. That was a lot of fun. We are going to have to check out all those contests!

Roxy & Lucky

Mason Dixie said...

wow that is a really great post. Thank you for sharing all the True things about you guys. And thank you so much for posting about my contest, I have not received many yet but the ones I have are awesome. =)

The Army of Four said...

BEAUTIFUL sunset! You're making Mom miss the ocean.
Gabbi - even though I was spayed before I adopted Mom and Dad, I used to have false pregnancies every Spring. Unless I adopted a puppy (like Zim or Ammy) or someone in the neighborhood got one I could call "mine". Our vet told Mom she should just get me a puppy every year! Sadly, she didn't listen to her.
Great post!
Tail wags,