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Friday, 27 March 2009

SkyWatch and Goldens Galore!

Some skies from the last couple of weeks....

To play along and see skies from all over the world, visit SkyWatch!



Travis is running a blog review club over at his place, last week we were up for review....(thanks to all those of you who took the time to review us!) this week's subject is Thor.

We are very late doing this as it starts each Monday, but we love Thor's blog and he always leaves us lovely comments, (thanks mate!) so we really wanted to review him.

Thor is a handsome Golden Retriever who lives in Brasil with his Mum, Dad and two human sisters. He is a happy boy who is always smiling and this comes through in the lovely photos on his blog. Here's a guy who likes to look and smell great and he shares with us his trips to the salon and the mall where he gets to meet all sorts of interesting characters.

He also takes us along on walks to his favourite parks which look lovely, sometimes he lets his humans share the limelight too. We love getting an insight into the life of a dog living in Brasil and we love Thor! Why not drop by and say Olá!


As we've mentioned, we got a lovely parcel all the way from Italy, those lovely boys Paco and Milo sent us loads of goodies!

Hmmm, there's a story behind this photo....we picked the parcel up from the PO, (Mum opened it to see what was inside, she's so nosey!) and she hid it in the car as we were on our way to walk but she also had some shopping to do. She put it in front of the back seats....under the grooming table AND a crate, both quite heavy. After our walk she went into the shop for five minutes and when she came back there were three Beagley butts sticking up in the air, we (brats apparently) had managed to get to the goodies....opened the parcel and eaten most of the treats. Snoop was in the boot looking pretty pleased with himself, he'd grabbed a mouthful too! Ha! We showed her....you can't hide food from a Beagle!

Anyway, no harm done and we finally got Mum to take photos of all the loot and post about it!

So there was this cool card with lovely messages from those Golden boys....

Awww, aren't they sweet? Then there were lots of cool toys....

Alfie couldn't wait to get his paws on them!

He liked this red tennis ball on a rope.

But this seems to be the favourite....

Rosie soon got to work on skinning those tennis balls!

Look at the fluff stuck to her face!

Then Alfie decided he wanted it.

There were a few treats left.

Thanks so much for the goodies you lovely boys! And a big Beagley slobber for your Mum and Dad too! Grazie molto!


Alfie and Mason Dixie (the most beautiful Golden girl in all the world) have their very first date this weekend....Alfie and Rosie are going to meet Mason, Petey and many other love-struck pups for an evening of fine dining and dancing in Manhattan's Rainbow Room....keep your eyes on Petey's blog over the next couple of days for details!


Here's a silly set of four of Alfie I forgot to post the other day....fetch! (see Jenny, he DOES retrieve when it suits him!)

24 sniffy tailwags:

Kess And Her Mama said...

I am always reminded to take time to watch the sky whenever I visit your blog. Thanks. Beagles are beagles...They are persistent and can never resist treats of any kind! Hilarious....

Simona,Paco e Milo said...

We're very happy that finally our pressies arrived!!!
did you liked them??
Hope yes....not too much but we've done all with lot of love!!!
you're very special friends for us and we love you sooooooooooo much!!!
you deserve all and only the best things in the world!!!
your pictures are Great as always and you look happy and funny when eating and playing with our presents!!
Hope you had a great time with them!!!
We miss youuuuu!!!
Kisses and licks guys.....
you're the besttttttttttttt!!!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

What a grrrreat post!

So many wonderful things!

Tank woo fur sharing them all!


The Devil Dog said...

Ohhh, we love your skywatch photos. The plane one is really cool.
As for everything else, wow, action packed. You guys get into things even better than me! Great job!


Thor said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about me. I loved your review.
Come to your blog makes me happy.
You are so special friends!
Congrats to Travis by idealizing a game so cool :D


GoldenSamantha said...

Those are the most beautiful pictures - wow - gold, gold, gold. And other shades too - you guys have a wonderful eye(s)! Those pressies look like so much fun and I can't understand how those doggies found that package under all that weight... but I have an uncanny ability to sniff "things" out myself hehe! And all the dates - crushes and love in the air! It all sounds like a ball - my mom loves NY and wishes I could join in all the fun! Have a great time (wink!)
Love and Hugs xo

Anonymous said...

Hello Beagles!

What a great post - packed with news as usual!

I agree - love visiting Thor's blog and seeing his smiling face!

Honey the Great Dane
ps. have you guys seen my post about my 2nd photoshoot with Rachael Hale yet? Come over and get a behind-the-scenes peak at how she gets those amazing photos! :-)

Petey said...

Ahh, Rosie! I have to send you a photo of me with tennis ball floss stuck between my teeth as well! We truly were meant for one another.

There should be a package headed your way shortly from the US of A if Mommy will get us to the Post Office one of these days.

Looking forward to this weekend~Snoop and Gabbi shall have a great time as well because there will be a good number of singletons as well. Who knows? Romance may strike!

Can't wait to take you for a twirl on the dance floor!

One two, cha cha cha...

Lots of kisses,

Your Petey

happy said...

Love the sky pictures, especially the rainbow! Ooh nice pressies you've got there!

Momo said...

Hi. I voted for your Red Snooter Contest. Too many great pics. It was so hard to choose one!

You have a lot of new toys. Good on you!

http://www.worldpedigrees.com/ looks interesting. I will give it a try.

NESSA the hovawart said...

Hi, friends,

there are sooooo many beautifull pics as there always are...I just LOVE reading your blog ...

Hugs and kisses,

Martha Basset said...

Good Morning Guys
The sky pictures were pretty awesome!
We loved seeing your cool presents and could well understand why you would get in and eat the treats.
Well we cant see a problem, after all Paco and Milo sent them for you!
We really liked the card Paco and Milo had made for you. They have spent a lot of time getting pictures in of you guys plus themselves.
The toys look great fun and we hope you all have fun and look after them!
We always look after our toys - we have a few waiting for some emergency sewing but they will be fine!
Cant wait to see you guys in New York!!
Martha & Bailey xxx
PS And tell Rosie she is to be on her best behaviour!! Auntie Bailey is bringing an extending lead........

Suzuki said...

Hi Gabbi
Hopefully my bro can set you up with a nice pup so you can go on a date too :)
Big licks to you

Ludo van puppy said...

What a pawsome and busy post! I love pulling the fluff off tennis balls too, so I is never allowed them in the house. Stupid spoilsport mum! Great review of Thor.

Good luck on your dates Alfie and Rosie, Petey says I can come dancing too so I has beed practicing my moves and I hope I can find some single lady to impress. Mum says I is allowed to date now I has had my newters and can't make her a grandma.
~lickies, Ludo

Maggie and Mitch said...

What beautiful sky watch photos and what nice pressies Paco and Milo sent!
We still need to work on Thor's blog review! Monday we'll get it posted!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Army of Four said...

Oh, Mom got all excited because she thought you meant THIS Manhattan (the LITTLE Apple) and she was going to hunt for this Rainbow Room, find Alfie and hug him and cover him in smoochies. Woo.
We love your pix! I wonder if Thor likes Brazilian jazz? I love that. And bagpipes. Woo.

Chester's Mom said...

Treats. New toys. A date with my Mason D. I'm finding it real hard to not be a jealous dawg.

Did you all ever hear of sharing?

Woofs and shareable slobbers,

Jake of Florida said...

I just read your note on Petey's blog that suggested Gabbi might be interested in a twirl around the dance floor with me at the Rainbow Room -- if I liked the Houndy type. Well, not too many canines or humans know this -- but when I was a puppy, perhaps four months old , I fell in love with a beautiful beagle named Lucy who I used to see on my walkies with Mom. She was an older woman and my very first love -- actually my only love. For some reason she disappeared after a few months -but I've never forgotten her, even after so many years (six and a half to be exact).

So yes, it will be swell to meet you all and see if that wirey-beagle chemistry is still there!!! In a woof, I can't wait!!!


HawaiianDane said...

Wow looks like you guy HIT THE JACKPOT!! Cool toys! The Goldens are beautiful!

pet care tv said...

so many great pictures. The airshots are great. And the dogs are so cute.
I'd love to have you enter them into the 'Make your Pet a Star' Sweepstakes. It could be the start of a great career.

Mason Dixie said...

Hey there Alfie looking forward to an awesome weekend, been out shopping for the perfect bows to wear in my hair, and the perfect collar to accent my charm, my hair washed and brushed, teeth freshened, nails trimmed....ugh seems so far away. Weekend GET HERE!!!

Love and Licks
your Mason Dixie

The OP Pack said...

Oh, those sky shots are beautiful, such pretty skies. Congrats on all the lovely pressies. We loved the pics of Alfie in particular.

Be sure to check out what we heard at our house on today's post.

Woos, the OP Pack

Amber and Nala said...

What great pressies from the Golden boys! Looks like you beagles have been busy! I have missed you and am happy to be back!


Tee said...

OHhh, how thrillingly exciting to have helped yourself to treats without your Momma knowing ...

That's some fantastic loot of toys Paco and Milo sent you!

Licks and Wags

Tuffy of Dog WOods