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Thursday, 9 April 2009

We Have A Winner, Award, True Colours and Alfie's Song

We have a winner for our Easter Bunny hunt! Petey worked his little paws to the bone, found all eleven blogs that Rambo appeared on and was the first to comment with the correct answers, so the pink bunny will be going across the pond to his new furever home soon.

Well done Petey, and everyone else who came so close....thanks to everyone who played and special thanks to Rambo's gracious hosts!

They were:

Honey the Great Dane....dancer & model

Paco & Milo, the Italian Hunks

Ammy, Dave, Zim and Stormy, the Army Of Four

Stanislaw and Big Pupi, beastly feasters

Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Stella, Queen of Minniesnowda

Lorenza, First Hound of Fashion

Our mid-Atlantic Hero and his awesome 'do

Cocoa & Barley, The 2 Mighty Beans

Miss Floofy Tail, Khyra of Pawnsylvania

And Dennis the Vizsla Dog, who lives in a Mithikal Land


We were given this lovely bouquet of pink roses by The Army of Four and Chester....thanks guys n gals, they're so pretty!

We would like to pass the bouquet on to all of our bunny hosts named above...and to Ben the Rotti for putting up with us being a pain in the derriƩre about the bloomin rabbit, sorry Ben...thanks, and we hope Mollie is better soon! (Can everyone who put the bunny on their blog email us with your address, we'd like to send you all a wee token of our appreciation.....also everyone who submitted a Red Snooter picture :D)

Also, roses for the very beautiful and oh so clever Naloma. We found out this morning that last night she gave birth to a sweet little (big!) foal....many congratulations to Carolina and well done Naloma! Why not go and see the pics for yourself, she's a real cutie!

Nala, one of our first blog friends just celebrated her 3rd Birthday, Happy Birthday Nala, have some roses :o)

And lastly we'd like Asta to have the roses too, her sister is getting married soon and she's carrying out her extensive bridesmaid duties to a tee, she and her Mom really have their work cut out!


It's True Colours Thursday! This week's theme is BLACK & WHITE. To join in visit our hostess, Blue.

My photos didn't come out great as when I did them the light wasn't brilliant. Most of my clothes are either BLACK or BLACK & WHITE!

Newspapers, traditionally BLACK & WHITE are becoming increasingly colourful.

Tricolour Beagles are born BLACK & WHITE

Zebras.....BLACK & WHITE

Click on the BLACK & WHITE Magpie for British lore on Magpies.

Alot of our furry friends above are BLACK & WHITE and so is one of our newest friends, Checkers

Checkers sent us this lovely Easter card, thanks pal! Next week's colour....LIME!

Alfie breaks into song for no obvious reason....

36 sniffy tailwags:

Dina ... UK said...

Snap on the Magpie...lol

Noisy little Alfie, they do like there freedom on the beach lovely....

Anonymous said...

Morning Guys!! Congrats to Petey!! He deserves his bunny!! We managed to work out about 4 blogs only :o( gosh we be rubbish :o)

You forgot your black and white pointer friend Sophie for your true colours!! BOL ;)

Hope you all has a wonderful easter weekend. I bet you get some lovely long walks! It be a bit awkward for us, mummy wanted to go on a few doggy days out, but Hazel got something called her season...so that has messed up the plans. Boo hoo.
Love n Lickies, Scotty xxx

Suzuki said...

Congratulations to Petey. I didn't find Dennis or the mid Atlantic Hero :(
Nevfur mind BOL
Big licks to you

Poopsie aka Blue said...

Gosh, what I've missed whilst away a few days :)

Love, pats & pets

Penny said...

Wow congrats to Petey he really did deserve it, good to know that Rambo is heading to a good home after all! You fit a huge amount of good news in your blog this time ladz so congrats,best of luck and Happy Easter to everyone! Happy Easter to you too ladz dont eat too much chocolate now! Lots of sloppy licks,Penny.=]

Pamela, Kira and Scampi said...

WOO! Congrats to Petey, I am sure I would have found them all if Mommy had not taken away the computer from me...
I love watching the dogs on the beach, I kept looking for more of my Snoop! Nice beach! Lucky Dogs. I won't be here for a couple of days, give Snoop my love
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Petey said...

What a fun and very tricky contest! I got to visit a ton of blogs that I've never been to before and will be sure to go back and visit again. You come up with the BEST contests.

Just went over to see the new foal. So sweet.

Rosie-Posie, if your Mommy's clothes are mostly black, she may just be a secret New Yorker! Black is the official color in most every New Yorker's wardrobe.

Well, busy day today! Granny is arriving this afternoon so we have LOADS to do before she arrives!

(We haven't had nearly enough snuggling time lately, Rosie! Don't worry...our trip to Rome is fast approaching!!!)

Lots of grateful kisses,

Your Petey

Jake of Florida said...

We were so clueless -- so we are in awe of your cleverness and artistry and patience and fun-loving spirit and how many good friends you have --- and the list goes on and on.

We told our Mom we may be moving to Scotland if she doesn't get with it!!!

Congrats to all the players. We found Khyra and that's about it!!!

Gabbi, we got a sneak peek at your outfit for the wedding -- and it is pawfect. Can't say more!!!

Wirey love to all of you -- but extra smooches to my sweetie!!


Checkers said...

Congrats to Petey -

Thanks for using me in your B&W :-)


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

A big khongrats to Petey fur keeping his snooter and paws to the blogs to find all the Rambos!

Tank woo fur pawmitting me and my floofy tail to pawticipate!

Khongrats to all of woo fur khoming up with such a fun exercise!


Stella said...

Good going, Petey! It was fun being part of this game without having to work at it.


The OP Pack said...

Congrats to Petey for his win - that was an awesome contest. And we love those b/w puppies and the magpie.

Wishes to all for a happy holiday.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

The OP Pack said...

Thank you, furiends. We leave in about an hour:( We will miss you.

GoldenSamantha said...

Wow Petey! Great job sniffing around all blogland - I pawed through for a couple of hours and found only FOUR pink wabbits! Frustrating and addicting and wonderful to find new pals in the search! GREAT challenge Beagles! Nice award, beautiful card from Checkers and lovely clothes! Alfie - pawsome vocals! Hugs and Love xo Sammie

Tina. said...

Lovely contest and as always lovely pics too! Happy DOT's!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

This was a fun contest. Good work, Petey!

The FOUR Musketeers said...

Way to go Petey !
I knew that my Paco was in it ! BOL ! Congrats on all the awards ! & Those are some great black & white stuff :D

Rosie said...

Congrats to Petey - that was a pawsome game!
Loves from pugs,
Rosie Marie

Maggie and Mitch said...

Congratulations to Petey! He really did work his Cairn butt off to find them all! hehehe
What a pretty bird the Magpie is! Great black and white finds, guys!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

LizzyBean said...

First of all, congratulations to everyone, it looked like a really fun game! Loved hearing Alfie's beagle howl -- there is just nothing like it!

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
Congratulations to Petey! This was a pawesome contest!
Good job with the Black and Whites!
Kisses and hugs

The Army of Four said...

Way to go, Petey!
LOVE the black and whites, as did Dave... but then... isn't that obvious? Ha roo!
Thank you for the roses! And THANK YOU for such a fun contest! What fun!!!
Tail wags,

Joe Stains said...

Congrats to Petey! Congrats on your awards! I am black and white too, great color choice todaY!

Sue said...

Congratulations to all who played. I was only missing Lorenza.

I did meet some neat dogs who I'll be revisiting in the future. Thanks for a fun contest.

Life With Dogs said...

There is always room for a good Alfie tune. :)

Hero said...

Congrats to Petey! That really was a fun and creative game. As a bunny host I couldn't play, but I still enjoyed reading the hints and trying to guess where else that rabbit had been. I could only guess maybe 4-5 just from the hints. Thanks for the bouquet!

Martha Basset said...

Well done Petey, to be honest it was too much like hard work for our mum!! You just cant get the staff.
We enjoyed the video with lots and lots of beach!
That Alfie should be proud to be a member of the hound family - what a singing voice.
Have a good Easter
Martha & Bailey xx

Mason Dixie said...

Wow Petey worked really hard, I did know a quite a few of them but a couple I have never met before. What a great game. =) What a lovely card from Checkers too, he is such a good friend. and Alfie do not worry, your mom may think you were barking for no reason, but I heard you loud and clear and I promise to keep it between you and me. wink wink. =)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Petey for winning the contest. He does look exhausted. Great black and white things - those puppies are so cute!!! Also, loved the vintage Easter card. Happy Easter!

See ya!

RockstarJen said...

That is one long list of mugshots! And they are all great. So great to catch up. Sorry I've been MIA for a bit.

Eric said...

Fun contest and woohoo! Well done Petey. Alfie, you have a fine voice I'm thinking we should get together and do a duet? La laa... "You bark the high roooooooodd and I'll wag the low rooooooddd"

Wiry wags, Eric xx

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Baby Beagles! I love them! I didn't know they were born black and white either.

domino said...

Always better!! ;)

Amber and Nala said...

Congrats to Petey...job well done! I can't believe I missed Honey! Now that I look again, that is soooo her eye. :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes and roses....you all are so sweet!


Girasol said...

Congratulations to Petey, what a great job!!!!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Lovely B&W's, the beagle pups are so cute!

Congrats on your award and Congrats to Petey! :-)

Alfie you funny boy..hehe