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Thursday, 25 June 2009

SkyWOW Friday!

We are not back....we still have unresolved pc issues and this post took me hours to do yesterday at the library, today I can't see any of the pics but I know they're there so i'll just publish and hope for the best! I have lots more pics to post, both for SkyWatch and of the dogs but this pc is not letting me add them, grumble grumble.
Welcome to SkyWOW Friday! We have renamed the meme for this week as on Wednesday we had some very special visitors....
Here are the best pics Mum managed to get of them....

...haha, not really but there were lots like this. Of course we stayed indoors and barked our heads off and tried to pull the blinds down, mostly because all our humans and lots of others were standing OUTSIDE our house looking at the sky. It was very noisy and we kept seeing funny coloured clouds and things whizzing past the window which made us howl (especially Gabbi who is our self-elected spokesdog!)

This event was to commemorate the 70th anniversary of RAF Kinloss. There were parades over at the park but we missed them, we were waiting for our Nanny and human sis to arrive. There were pipe bands (sorry Jeannie, we missed the kilts!) and during the Salute ceremony a Nimrod MR2 and an MR4A flew over, we see these almost every day on our walks but this time it was fast and low and VERY loud!

And then....have you guessed yet?

Hello boys!

It's the Red Arrows!! Wow, how cool! And they did a stunning 30 minute long display right over our house, you can see our chimney in some of the photos!!

This is our house!

This display was to thank the local community for it's support over the last 70 years. Towards the end of the sequence they drew a loveheart in the sky with an arrow through it, it was breathtaking.....a fitting tribute perhaps to our recently departed friend Dakota....maybe the King of Pop met her at the bridge and now they're all busy boogying on down....let's hope so! Mason had a lovely idea....a howling salute to Dakota, post yourself howling to the skies (or barking if you're not a howler) on Sunday 28th in memory of our beautiful friend.

The heart could also have something to do with all the romance at Dughallmor at the moment....yesterday was Rosie's 2nd birthday....Happy Birthday our beautiful girl! Petey arranged a surprise for her....he came over with Gabbi's beau Jakey (it's her 2nd birthday on 3rd July). They brought with them some dear friends....Asta, Eric, Clive, Hamish, Marvin, our dear Basset Aunts Bailey & Martha, Mason Dixie and Kira, it was a lovely surprise and we all had a big party! Head over to Petey's blog for pictures, including their hilarious antics on their long journey to the Highlands. Thanks Petey for making it the best birthday ever and for being such a loving husband!

Here are some videos of the display....

We're being tracked like bunnies!

We love red blobs. Why? Cos they're nicer than no blobs!

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