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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Rosie and Gabbi's first walk

Our first walk with the new babies, Findhorn Beach, September 2007.

3 sniffy tailwags:

wyvisview said...

wheeeee!! Looks like they had great fun! They look so small too!
Won't be long before (Crazy) Maisie is doing the same.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, informative blog Nicky
and Co.! I can see we're going to
have a invest in a decent digital
camera to keep up with the great
photos you take!
Keep up the good work as it keeps
Mark on his toes to update the

Arikbo said...

Rosie and Gabbi look like they had an exciting first walk. What fun! What a beautiful place to be able to run free. We're so jealous as the best we have is our local dog park which resembles a prison yard.

many wags & wiggles,
Haley & Bailey