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Friday, 26 September 2008

Weekend off

We'll be away from the computer for the weekend- oh no! how will we cope?! This Blogging lark is so addictive :0)
We're off to strut our stuff at Perth, Scottish Beagle AND Angus & Kincardine...........three shows in one weekend, must be mad......wish us luck!!
We'll post how we got on when we get back, might even have some photos. Good luck to those of
you showing this weekend.......wherever you may be going!

I also want to say, now that we have an international audience ;p welcome to our new readers! Love that Clustr map!
I thought this post needed a picture...........I know this bears no relevance to either the blog or the post........I just think it's really funny and thought you might too! It's supposed to be running, but not working, aargh, try copy-pasting it. (I don't mind, I pinched it too!)

5 sniffy tailwags:

Arikbo said...

Good luck! We look forward to the pictures.

many wags & wiggles,
Haley & Bailey

Niamh said...

Good luck at the shows. Hope you win lots of ribbons.

Your friend,

Jen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm going to check yours out often.

mads said...

good luck with the shows.

the doggies say 'oof 'oof - so molly says.



Thanks for stopping by our blog! We love meeting new beagle friends and wow 4 in one go!! Hope the shows were a success. We look forward to seeing the pictures.