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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Old friends

The Two Bennies (and a spattering of Beagles)

Today we met up with some old friends for a lovely long walk on the beach. "Auntie Lynne" appears in the gallery pushing the girls in their buggy...........I think we've only met up once or twice since then and we used to walk together every day!
Ben and Soelta

She walks with her Collie X, Ben who is 6years old, a neighbour's ageing Springer Spaniel called Soelta (pronounced shoolter), she's not as quick as she used to be but she's still a game old bird.......and another neighbour's 5 year old Black Lab whose name is also Ben, he gets called Black Ben to avoid confusion and he's been Snoop's best bud since he was a nipper.

Handsome boy!

Black Ben and Snoop used to get into all sorts of bother, they used to take off chasing deer and when Alfie came along he'd join in, training was going nowhere so we knocked it on the head for a while until I could get my lot under control..........that's out the window now that Rosie & Gabbi are here though! When I said the "B" word to Snoop today he got so excited he almost burst a bloodvessel and cried all the way to the beach (he usually doesn't make a sound in the car).


Well, we walked for ages, catching up and the dogs had a whale of a time, Black Ben likes to be chased and, well you know the rest........

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Jen said...

looks like a GREAT day at the beach!

Gennasus said...

Looks like Gabbi has been taking lessons on Jana on ear carriage!

Gennasus said...

I meant FROM Jana! Way too late at night for blogging!!

Niamh said...

You all looked like you had a terrific time running on the beach. I am jealous. Love the flying beagle ears.

Your friend,

Cocoa the Beagle said...

Hey guys! Sorry we didn't visit your blog sooner cos you've entered a different link in our guestbook (http://dughallmor.blogspot.com/)!

Anyway we found you now! Have a great day!

Cocoa and Barley

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Durr, I am so dumb! I've been on to your guestbook and don't know how to change it :o{ Anyway, thanks for stopping by.
ps, pee-mail......love it!

Annie said...

Alfie and Annie much prefer the
deer hunting that all this sand!
Any photos of the deer hunting??
Ha ha ha!!!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Very funny, Magnolia!