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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Chase the treat

This is a favourite game..........surprise surprise........as it involves food.............and chasing, two of a Beagle's favourite pastimes rolled into one!

Snoop knows that once we're on the beach we can play the food game and starts to howl and carry on.......this is him saying "pleeaaase". The treats get rolled along the flat sand and the dogs run after them, sometimes I throw one per dog, sometimes only one and whoever runs the fastest gets it. (Rosie, nearly every time!)

If the wind's behind you and the treats are round they'll roll for ages, good excercise. Sometimes Gabbi gets impatient and yappity but Alfie & Rosie don't make a sound, they just concentrate on what my hand is doing! It's a good game to play with Rosie as it distracts her from other dogs on the beach (most of the time!) she feels she has to bark and chase everyone off........from a distance anyway!

If it's a warm day i'll throw them in the sea so they swim, Gabbi just paddles.

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Cocoa the Beagle said...

Hey Snoop, I was howling along with you as I watch your first video! And mum had to shut me up because it made her jump (I was just next to her ear).

Cocoa and Barley