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Friday, 14 November 2008

Hound Idol

After posting the video of Snoop howling it appears we might have sparked a global howling contest!

This morning as we were checking other Beagle blogs we called in on River, he has an ever-changing pack as his Mom does alot of rescue work and fostering, they live in Georgia, USA......anyway, there's him and his pals singing along to our video, all karaoke style!! This is too cool for school!

Hey River, Mum tried to get a video of us watching you watching us (!?) to put on this post, but we just put our best poker faces on and sat in silence, ha!..............well, she shushes us every time we bark at the TV or computer so it serves her right. Right?

Also, Cocoa tells us that when he watched it he howled right in his mum's ear, yeowch! He and his brother, *Stinky* Barley the Golden Retriever live in Singapore and write a very funny blog with great photos!

Anyone else got howling talent? Email us a link to your pop video and we'll post it here.

8 sniffy tailwags:

Gennasus said...

Sorry, no howling here but they all pricked up their ears and looked very interested!

Lois Lane/Laney said...

For being part Beagle, I don't howl very much.
I have a mean sounding bark though!

karensbrae said...

No howling here either! Although Fergus did try to get on my seat to see what was going on! More bruises!!!!

River said...

That would have been cool--you all howling at us howling at you all bol like inifinite mirrors only infinite howling! We can really amuse ourselves can't me??

love & wags,

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Yep, some might say too much time on our hands ;P

snoutbeagle said...

Hello hello!

This is Diesel and Marvin's mum here. You've kindly left a comment on our blog before but I've not been checking my blog much lately so I haven't stopped by to say hi until now!

Your beagles are gorgeous and have lovely voices. I love the idea of howling around the world. My husband just a couple days ago put "talk" on cue with Diesel. He's such a quiet boy we wanted to hear his voice more often! I'll do a video and post it on my neglected blog this weekend.

D&M haven't heard your video yet but when we've played other beagle videos for them they just do extreme head tilts, no howling. But I'll play your video once I'm home and we'll see what happens.

It's very nice to meet you!

Take care,
Jackie (dog mum to the Original Snoutbeagle and RooTwo)

Niamh said...

I am sorry to say that I have never howled. I have an English Setter friend who howls when his mom plays the piano.

Your friend,

snoutbeagle said...

Hi there!

I failed miserably this weekend in taking videos of beagles watching videos.

But, boy, hubby and I sure got a lot of pre-winter yard work done!

If not this week, watch for videos next weekend. It looks like you had a fun adventure at your show. Wish I could have tagged along.

Oh, and the Union Jack in our basement ... my husband moved here to Milwaukee to be with me in May 2004 (we were married in Oct 2003). Prior to that he lived his entire life in Leicester, England. We're due to come over to your side of the pond for a visit in 2009 ... hooray!

:) Jackie