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Friday, 21 November 2008

Gabbi, froth-bunnies.....and a Gold Paw!

Yesterday we had such awful weather that I decided to take Gabbi to the beach knowing we'd have it to ourselves! With all four of the dogs in the car we set off on the 10 minute drive but halfway there we had such a heavy sleet shower that I almost went back home. I'm glad I didn't and so is Gabbi, she really appreciated the walk!

Gabbi gets ready for a treat

First I walked Alfie and Rosie, through the woods and then back along the beach so the wind was behind me. It really was a howling gale and as I predicted.......not a soul on the beach!

This is what the sea looked like (is that oilrig stuck? been there for weeks!) and when the sea looks like this........

...........here's what happens to the beach..............yukky froth! By the time I put Alfie and Rosie back in the car and got back to the beach with Gabbi and Snoop it had dried up a bit. They had a whale of a time chasing the froth around in the wind.............and each other, she was so excited to be out that she barked most of the time. I did take a video of her and the froth-bunnies but accidentally deleted it..............duuh!

Perfecting the sit...ready for her test in a fortnight.

And......we have received another award today, this time it's the Gold Paw and it was given by our Malaysian friends Kess and her Mama......thanks guys!!

We'd like to pass it on to:

Oscar and Maisie

Jasper the Pug

Marvin and Diesel

Wimsey the Manhattan Bloodhound

Haley and Bailey

Huey the Hawaiian Dane

Daizy, George Taiki and Keegan

Paco and Milo

Walter, Annie, Nana and Seumas

Why not check them out!

3 sniffy tailwags:

Mark and Joanne said...

us at SEUMELGA have tried to "pick our award up" but don't know what to do??? Do you mean literally "pick it up?" Durgh! Wot are we like!!!

HawaiianDane said...

Thanks for recognizing us! We have been busy at home. Huey has a new brother!!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Oooh, busy times! Is the brother a dog? Human? Hurry with pictures, we'll be watching!