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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

More pals

Today at Roseisle we met some friends from class........you've met Sue and the Gennasus gang already, she had Jana, Louis and Teasel (mmm, says Alf!) with her, but Jenny was also there today. Jenny is one of our lovely obedience trainers from Spey Valley, she has three German Shepherds........Brint, Keira and Sadie, she also has an adorable Pug called Jasper. Jasper is actually Jenny's daughter's dog and she's just started a blog for him......check him and the GSDs out here. (Because I stupidly didn't take any photos of the 10 -yes, 10!! dogs all getting along fine.) Sue took some but even with pilchard cake dangling we couldn't get them all together!

Black sky and even blacker sea!

They couldn't hack it on the beach (not really, they got there a while before me and had finished their walk, lol) so I walked back to the cars with them. Just then we met a girl with a Rhodesian Ridgeback (I love these) so he and Alfie wrestled for a bit while Rosie circled the pair of them barking and Snoop carried on sniffy tail-wagging. It's the first time we've met him and hopefully we'll bump into each other again as he was up for a bit of a carry-on! His name's Brock and what a lovely boy!

A new sparring buddy.

We went down onto the beach, it was very windy but i've been there in worse!

Flying ears, lips.............

.....and tongues!

Gabbi hasn't featured on the blog much lately so I thought i'd take some photos of her when we got home.........but she wasn't playing!

Ain't she sweet, sitting at her favourite look-out?

But she's definitely in a huff, if looks could kill!

11 sniffy tailwags:

Niamh said...

That wind must have been so wild - were you afraid you would get airborne the way it was blowing your ears around?

Thanks so much for the award. I'll post it tomorrow. I always enjoy seeing how much fun you dogs have at the beach.

Your friend,


Hi Guys,
Thanks so much for that lovely award. We posted about it today. We love your blog too. The picture of Gabbi sitting up on the sofa is priceless. Both Jazz and Dixie love the vantage point that the sofa gives them. They sit there now as I write this.
J&D's mum

Mino said...

The pics are priceless!
Still looking cute with all the wind in the face!

Gabbi looks relax, resting on her side even on the top of the sofa!


Jen said...

Those pics of Alfie in the wind are priceless! I'm jonesing for a trip to Scotland everytime I see your and the Paps blogs. =8)

Jenny said...

pilchard cake mmmm... nope! rather go to Kinloss....! will have to meet up again sometime!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Yes, definitely meet up again....but i'll have to lace Rosie's treats with Valium!!
She is such a wuss!

Gennasus said...

Rosie looks like she is in danger of taking off! And I think Gabbi is doing impressions of Chester the pointer!

River said...

Those flying flews are so funny! Just like there's a wind machine! Gabbi looks mad. I'd watch out.

love & wags,

Kess And Her Mama said...

Great pics! You're so brave. In those winds, I would prefer to be curled up in bed. Come by my blog and collect an award.

Cocoa the Beagle said...

Ohhh thank you for the award! The flying ears and lips pics look really funny! Gabbi looks so cute sitting in that position! Mum loves it!

Cocoa and Barley

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Hehe! I love the windy pics! My ears flop in the wind too, but they usually stick straight up, and mom laughs and calls me "Yoda."