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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Hound Idol update....

We have a couple of links for videos, not really howling, but too cute to miss out!

First up are Tempest and Riptide, two gorgeous French Bulldogs, they also love to play chase.
Their human, Jen writes a blog about a very special place and takes lovely photos of my favourite things.......dogs......at the beach! One of the first dog blogs I found and still a firm favourite.

Next we have Diesel and Marvin's blog, Snoutbeagle ....they've found a cool video of a talking Beagle! Can't wait to see the video their human, Jackie takes when they watch it! They do some agility.

Finally, it's great to hear that Xsara is feeling a bit better now, we've been worried about you, kid! This Beagle is special, she does agility and obedience and has so many trophies, she has some cool videos on her blog too.........we think she's amazing!

6 sniffy tailwags:

River said...

We howl at everything, so my mom says. Right now crazy old Bailey is standing with his front feet on the food can howling and howling. Yeah, like nobody feeds him. I'l have to look at Tempest & Riptide (cool names). We're so glad to hear Xsara is better. She is amazing.

love & wags,

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Yaayy, take more howling vids, they're so funny! Aaaarrrooooo!

Jen said...

thanks so much for the link to tempest and riptide playing! when i first read it, i though it was going to be two new frenchies for me to see. :)

Dughallmor Beagles said...

No probs...we love your blog, you guys are cool! We hope you find more Frenchies to look at soon, we have loads of Beagle buddies now :o)

Mino said...

Cool videos!
Yeah, it sure sounds like the beagle is talking it's owner~

my attempt at it *woof woof whine whine* *cough* *whine woof*
I can't howl either~


simona e marco e i loro tesori preziosi...paco e milo said...

Cool videos!
Hi Snoop,Rosie,Alfie & Gabbi!!
You're great and we love yours blog!!!
Lots of love!!!
P.S.: We have an awards for you!!!