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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Some new friends

Today when we went for our walk I only took the boys, Rosie's still tired from yesterday so I left her at home with Gabbi. (It was Monday, but i'm posting at 12.45am!)

When we got to Roseisle we were greeted by the unmistakeable sound of Chinooks. I love seeing these, they're so impressive and the noise is deafening but so cool! There were also lots of jets, Jaguars and i'm sure I saw a Euro-fighter, lots of Nimrods too. I tried to get photos, especially of the Chinooks but I was coming through the woods and couldn't get a decent shot.

Anyway, we made some new friends, we've met before on walks but today we stopped for a chat and managed to squeeze in a mini photo-shoot of the two Terriers.

This young lady is called Lucy, she's a bit of a blur in this shot, hopefully i'll get a better photo of her another day!
.....and waiting patiently for a treat is Bubbles
Their human is called Yvonne, hopefully she's found the blog.......I didn't have a pen on me!
We're still on beach walks so we were disappointed to see the tide was quite far in and only pebbles to walk on, much to Snoop's disgust.........you can't play chase-the-treat on pebbles!
It didn't stop him howling all the way back to the car and we did manage to squeeze a couple of throws between the waves!
My boy's looking old!

3 sniffy tailwags:

HawaiianDane said...

Awe, I think your older boy looks distinguished with his grey. They are beautiful.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Aww, thanks! He's only four though....started turning grey when Alfie arrived (as did I!) and seems to look older in photos, bless him! How are the down-stays coming along Huey?

Mino said...

Wow~ the pebbles were like everywhere!

I wish i can howl like you Snoop!