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Monday, 10 November 2008

More old friends....

I like these walks when someone you know arrives at the same time.......today this happened when Alina came up the path right behind me with her dogs so we walked together. It's good because everyone has different routes they take around the forest and different ways onto and off the beach so it makes a nice change to the same old route!
Today I only had Rosie and Alfie with me....on-heat Gabbi is house-bound and Snoop indulged in a deerhunt yesterday and tired himself out so they both stayed home!
Alina's dogs are.....Honey, a ball-obsessed Spaniel and Mac is an old-aged-pensioner-West Highland White-stomach-on-legs, bless him, you never even know he's there, he just plods along minding his own.......until the grub comes out!

Honey strikes a pose.

Hurry up and throw the ball Mum!

Mac waits patiently for the promised treat.

Rosie has a new playmate.
Don't you think he'd suit a tartan cap?

It looks like a lovely day..........but it was freezing and very windy, at least it stayed dry!

2 sniffy tailwags:

goldie said...

Your beagles are darling! I have one and love them too! I work with dogs and it is the best job ever!

Arikbo said...

Even if it was cold, it looks like the pups had fun. It's nice to hookup with old friends & yours are adorable.

wags & wiggles
Haley & Bailey