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Monday, 3 November 2008


It was late afternoon before we went out yesterday (blame the fireworks post!) so instead of going to Roseisle at dusk and risking more deerchasing we went to Findhorn. Luckily the tide was out so we didn't have to walk on the pebbles and the dogs had plenty of space to run.

There was an oilrig out in the firth, lit up like a Christmas tree, it looked really good but was possibly a bit far away for my camera to get a decent photo.....it looked really close though.....the first photo was taken when we arrived and the second on the way back to the car, look how dark it's got!

There was the loveliest sky last night with a big crescent moon which can just be seen in some of these pictures.

Moon over the boatyard
Looking West to Culbin Forest

I know there's a distinct lack of dog photos in this post but it was too dark to get them and as we haven't been to Findhorn for a while they were running riot, I think they can be heard on the video below!

Panorama of Burghead Bay, beginning at Burghead in the East and finishing up looking over the mouth of the River Findhorn to the Culbin Forest beyond.
As the tide goes out it leaves sandbanks and this is a popular resting place for seals, whose eerie mooing call can be heard as it gets dark, I did take a video but it's very dark and didn't really pick the sound up too well, i'll try another night. I also disturbed the biggest Hermit Crab i've ever seen but again it was too dark to get a decent shot........barnacles!

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blogdog said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours, and admire that you keep yours up so often! My other blog (the one that covers everything but dog showing) is lucky to get updated once a week or once every other week.

May I link to your Liver Cake recipe?

Many thanks!

--karen, Charlie, Seamus, and little Dinah the Welsh import

Xsara ... said...

wooooow, this place is absolutely beautiful!!

Julia said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The South Pacific is very different from Scotland, but I think both are beautiful in their own ways - I love the photos you have here. And your dogs are adorable!

Dannan and The Girl said...

The Girl and I have never been to Scotland, so we love to see the pictures!

Brown dog kisses,