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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Early bonfire night

After Tuesday's escapades things have been pretty uneventful around here (thank goodness!) but yesterday we had a very busy day.
First of all we took the dogs over to the park. Cluny Hill dominates the park and due to the huge variety of trees on the hill it looks beautiful at this time of year. I think i'll do a more detailed post on the park in the summer time.......it attracts quite a few visitors, there are prize-winning floral displays, on the hill itself there is a large crater called Helge's Hole which is full of lovely plants in the summer. Nelson's Tower sits atop the hill and is open May-October.......what a view you get from the top of it! There is also a very old and pretty cemetery on the hill in the middle of the forest....this is the main reason I don't take the Beagles up there anymore, it's rabbit city!
Every year the local primary schools make Guys for the bonfire. They are judged on the morning of the fireworks display and the winning Guy takes pride of place on the top. Liam's class made the winning one last year but this year the winner was Logie Primary.
The bonfire, adorned with Guys waits to be lit

After coming back from the park we went to meet a friend for a walk with her dogs.......where did we go?.........you guessed it......Roseisle! Jana is a year old Vizsla who thinks she's a Papillon and Louis IS a Papillon! You can read more about their adventures here, Sue writes a very good blog and is a keen photographer, her pictures put mine to shame, unfortunately she forgot her camera yesterday! Her dogs are very obedient and as usual my lot managed to embarrass me....apart from Mummy's boy Alfie who behaved!

Naa naa na naa naa, my toy, my toy!Louis REALLY wants some garlic sausage!

In the evening Nanny came over, as she always comes to watch the fireworks with us. She took some friends with her............but we ate them! After warming our bellies with lentil soup we locked up the Beagles (and the cakes!) and headed back over to the park for the fireworks, one of my favourite nights of the year!

Forres fireworks display is famously good and attracts a huge crowd so I thought i'd try and get some videos, I think they've come out okay but I must remember to turn my phone the other way when filming. (they weren't really firing them sideways!) Also, if you have sensitive ears you may wish to turn the volume down while watching the last one.............one young girl got a little over-excited when they played Cascada! The Rotary Club of Forres has to get a mention here as they organise and fund-raise for the display, so thanks and well done to them!

The bonfire is lit, bye Guys!

This is without a doubt the chip shop's busiest night of the year, Grant Park empties as soon as the fireworks are over and the chippy is heaving. We got there early for our customary cone of chips for the way home. Aaah, home............cuppa in hand, Beagles on lap and X-Factor on the telly, perfect end to a busy Saturday!

5 sniffy tailwags:

Jen said...

what a fun day/night! i haven't been to a bonfire in ages. time to set one up at the beach.

Gennasus said...

Louis says 'can we go out again with the nice lady and the garlic sausage, please?'
Your lot weren't that bad! They're probably the best behaved beagles I know (don't ask me how many I know!)
Great whizz bangs.....oooooh!.....

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Can't wait to see the photos of the San Diego bonfire-at-the-beach party! Singed whiskers, anyone?!

domino said...

lovely dogs!! ;)

Dannan and The Girl said...

Wow, you dogs are so brave! Fireworks scare me so much!

I would like a rabbit. I think that the Beagles have the right idea!

It is so great to see pictures of the Beagles playing, we love those pictures!

Brown dog kisses,