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Monday, 17 November 2008

LKA of Scotland

Yesterday we went to LKA of Scotland open show....'we' being myself, Alfie and Rosie, Gabbi was entered but is still in season. We car-shared with June and her Chocolate Lab, Kaiya....and Jodi and her Cocker, Molly. Thanks June for doing all the driving!

We had a very early start, June picked Jodi up at 5.30 and was at me before 6am......we must be mad! It was a lovely day, freezing but sunny and we saw a gorgeous sunrise on the way down which I tried to capture with my camera.

There was a bit of drama during the show when the fire alarm went off and the building had to be evacuated..........I happened to be in the ring with Rosie at the time. Outside, we waited for the strapping firemen to arrive to alleviate the frozen boredom of standing around outside but no luck there, now THAT would have been a photo-opportunity, sadly we only saw one rather short bloke in a day-glo hat!
Back inside.....wet-wipes everywhere before going back in the ring, Rosie had decided to sit in the mud!

Alfie, who was full of the joys of raging hormones, was a brat. So hyper. All day. It was all a bit much for Rosie though and she flaked out, probably best as Bathgate is not her favourite venue (nor mine!)

We took a few ribbons home between us, Jodi being the most successful, taking a red rosette when Molly won her Junior class, well done! June's Kaiya came 2nd in a good sized class so she was pleased with that.

Rosie got a respectable 3rd in her class and Alfie got a less-than-respectable 3rd in his (there were only 3 in the class!). Oh well, you can't win 'em all and we can't complain.......Alfie has had a very successful year.

All packed up and ready for home.......in time for tea!

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karensbrae said...

What a great time!! Jodie was very pleased with her day. The dogs looked very relaxed in the car. Thesunrise pictures are great.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

There have been a couple of snide comments left for this post (anonymously I might add). The first was a very derogatory remark about yesterday's Best of Breed Beagle and as soon as the comment was brought to my attention (by the owner of yesterday's BOB) it was removed. I believe this comment was left by someone out to cause trouble, curious as to whether I would react to yesterday's result in a negative manner and trying to collect support for herself by tricking me into writing something I might regret, however this is neither the time or place and anyone who knows me would already know my thoughts on the subject, including the person who wrote the comment. (which is why she wrote it in the first place!) The second was a comment involving the word liable (it's actually spelt LIBEL). I believe the two comments were left by the same person and I believe this person is known to me, she has a history of making things up just as an excuse to get in contact with people, the woman's a psycho and clearly bored! This blog is just a bit of fun and should remain lighthearted, whatever mine or anyone else's opinions are, so i'm sorry that all my regular readers have had to see this side of things (welcome to the wonderful world of dog showing!) While i'm all for freedom of speech I did not start this blog as a platform for people to bitch about other folk's dogs or to cause myself or anyone else trouble and as a result I have disabled anonymous comments. If it continues I may have to turn on comment moderation.

Crobeag Golden Retrievers said...


What a shame that people have nothing better to do than upset others. I don't believe in anonymous comments either as if you feel it strongly enough to put it into words then you should have the guts to put your name to it, and take the backlash.

Not everyone is the same in the dog showing world, thankfully. Chin up.


Jen said...

ribbons are always great, no matter what color. :)

River said...

Congratulations on all the ribbons! Too bad Gabbi couldn't go.

love & wags,