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Friday, 20 February 2009

Skywatch Friday and Honesty


We got a rosette for competing in Mango-Minster!

Thanks Mango for putting on a great show!


We are taking part in Mason Dixie's contest to design a blog award, please drop by and vote! Ours are numbers 1 and 2......vote for us!!
We have been tagged by our friend Petey to do the Honest Scrap tag.
We have already played this but thought we could easily squeeze out another 10 honest things about us, so here goes:

Snoop once ate a whole pack of Ex-Lax chocolate, box, foil, instructions, the lot....Mum was worried that it would make him really sick but he barely even farted!

When Gus purrs he drools....alot!

Gabbi has dug a big cave in the garden (will try to get a picture) she keeps all her stuffies in it and sometimes if they've been good she brings them into the house for us to see.

Snoop only plays with toys when Alfie isn't around....otherwise Alfie tells him off.

Rosie has found out what her nose is for...as a result she currently spends most of her time on a lead.

We have some really stupid nicknames: Alfred, Ralphie, Freddy, Sunny-Jim-Jams (Alfie) Poop, Fattie, Biggy, Taff (Snoop) Posie, Dozy, Nosey, Doo-doo (Rosie) Blondie, Scabby, Gumdrops, Boobs (Gabbi). It's no wonder we don't always come when we're called!

Mum talks pure nonsense to us ALL DAY....this strange habit is clearly infectious to humans as the others do it too....this usually results in extreme head tilts from us, well....they seem to think it's cute :o)

Mum also sings in the car....loud! She shouldn't.

Mum had a bit of a shoe addiction....she has alot of pairs she doesn't wear as they are high heels and she lives in her wellies....she should sell them and buy us a pig. Or a cow.

Mum says this is harder than she thought and she can't think of a tenth thing.

Thanks for tagging us Petey :o) Here's a collage of Rosie-posie just for you...but don't let that Lacie-beast see it, we don't want her banging our door down!
It seems all of Blogland has already played this so we aren't going to tag anyone, if you want to play then leave us a comment to say so and we'll put your link on.

26 sniffy tailwags:

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


What a nice post to end your week!


Lois Lane/Laney said...

I love the Rosie collage! She's so photogenic!

Mason Dixie said...

I was hoping for an Alfie collage. oh well. =) thanks for sharing more honesty, and I did not put names on the award designs, should I have? I am so new to this. Hope I did not offend you or anyone else.

Suzanne said...

Great series of photos and I am always on the lookout for planes in the sky.

Happy SWF.

castle diva said...

We enjoyed your list. Thankfully, our mother doesn't sing all that often. But when she does, it's painful to listen to.

Ms. P and Cinza

Dot O said...

You've outdone yourself again with the SWF photos! They are beautiful!!!

Love the honest stuff. Freckles has some skeletons in his closet too!

Happy SWF.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Great first collage: that just goes to show that slight variations in light and angles of shot show case sky in different ways. Same goes for your puppy.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Great collages. your dog is super cute.

Louise said...

The glow on the water is wonderful.

Amber and Nala said...

BOL!!! My Mom talks jibberish to me too ALL DAY!! Silly humans!


RJ Flamingo said...

Love your SWF photos! and your Rosie collage!

I've actually managed to post, this week, and I've once again combined my Friday's Feathers with my SkyWatch. I hope you'll visit when you get a chance.


Maggie and Mitch said...

Thank doG Snoop was okay after eating chocolate ex-lax! Mom says that stuff can be nasty!
Your pictures are just magnificent!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Carolina said...


Martha Basset said...

Glad I'm not the only one who sings and talks rubbish! Kinda reassuring somehow. Rosie-posie just adorable in her collage! Sounds like she could join up with Bailey for walks and we would never see either again!!!
Marth & Bailey's mum today!! xx

Pamela, Kira and Scampi said...

My Mommy talks rubbish all day too, and Scampi likes shoes, he is always stealing them and taking them in the yard, so Mommy has to go looking t=for them. Beautiful sky pictures, such a pretty place!
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Chester's Mom said...

Hi Gang! Just dropping by 'cuz I'm getting behind on al the fun Bloggies and wanted you to know I still care. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the beautiful sky pics. Mom's never come out when she tries to take pictures of the sky. In fact, ALOT of her pictures don't come out well. I think it is an operator error kinda thing. She tries, bless her heart! Anyway, glad to know you better thru your honest confessions! I'll try and keep checking back.
Till then-have fun you crazy bunch o' beagles!
Woofs and slobbers,

Petey said...

Beautiful photos but the ones that really sent me soaring over the moon were the ones of the adorable Rosie! (Sigh...I have to go lie down now.) I can only imagine what fun we'd have, strolling paw-in-paw down a sandy beach...

Mommy talks funny to me too and calls me all sorts of silly names, mostly Petey Boy. She also has way too many shoes for only having two feet. Oodles of tasty high heels she keeps in boxes because she works at home now and is usually barefoot. Maybe I'll sell some on eBay and buy us a cow! That would be fun in the apartment!

Your pal,


The Devil Dog said...

We love your honesty. It's fun. Mom sings out loud, we don't complain. It could be dad. We love your blues from yesterday. Great colors.


floreta said...

great portraits! beagles are cute dogs.

Jewels said...

Ok, that was funny. I laughed out loud... and not just the lol you put on the end of your messages to make your friends feel better either.. the really real laugh out loud.

That being said, I really can't remember how I showed up here. I was randomly floating around friends blogs and here I am. Love your work, keep going!

Simona,Paco e Milo said...

OMD!!!!!What a wonderful collage!!!
but.....do you live in heaven?????
we're sooooooooooooo jealous...wish to be with you to watching togheter these wonderful scenery!!!
thanks for sharing with us all these emotions!!!!we feel like we was with you!!!!
and what can we say about Rosie???
very very very very beautiful!!!!!!!
and thanks for your honesty things of you!!!
we loved your silly names....our mm just called us with a lots of funny names....Milly..Pilly..Poochie...Moochie...Sbriffie...BOH!!!!
Crazy humans!!!
we love you sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!
have a grea week!!!!!!!

Ludo van puppy said...

Wow! That is some tough stomach Snoop has!

Rosie is beautiful, you sure is good at them collages.
~lickies, Ludo

HawaiianDane said...

wow - that is a lot of ex-lax to eat!! Love the honest tidbits! So funny! Your collages are also so adorable!

The Army of Four said...

I was all set to say how much I like the upper left-hand corner picture in the skywatch set.... then I saw the Rosie collage. Gulp. Mom MUST not see this! Especially the baby pic top center. Woooooo!
Ammy likes to yell at me, Snoop. Mostly while our dinner bowls are being filled. She doesn't yell at me over toys, but she does steal them!

Babooshka said...

This is a veritable feast for the dog lovers eyes.

Dot O said...

I am so getting my beagle fix from your collage! I need to learn how to do them in preparation for the big event.....

I can't decide between your beagle pics and your sky pics - both collages are awesome!

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. Your comments are always so welcome....

Talk to you soon