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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Dramatic sea rescue

Gabbi is an idiot!

Let me explain..........where we walk on the beach the sand is sometimes uneven meaning that depending on where the tide is there are little channels of water separated from the (big) sea by sandbanks.

The dogs were playing on one of these sandbanks when a wave came over it filling the channel up very quickly. The sea was calm today and these channels are not deep BUT Gabbi hates to get wet and started to stress out thinking she was stuck.......she wouldn't come off the sandbank despite mine and the other dogs' best efforts to persuade her!

Rosie, who was clearly upset by this absence of brains in her housemate ran backwards and forwards through the water demonstrating how shallow it was and egging Gabbi on to follow her but our Gabs was having none of it! They couldn't be more different in this respect, Rosie loves the water and you could see the way her mind was working, leading Gabbi to the shallowest bit and trying to get her to follow. She was grabbing her ears and trying to push, pull and bully her into following.

Rosie, soaked waits for Gabbi to grow a brain.

The boys did attempt to help out once or twice but sniffing seaweed and weeing is a far more worthy pastime. I put leads on and pretended we were leaving her thinking she'd panic and follow us but no.........and Rosie, crying, refused to leave her anyway.

Not the sharpest tool in the shed

It was getting late and foggy and I had to get home for Liam so I decided to step in and assist with the rescue operation..........I made the tough decision to walk to the sandbar myself........intrepid and brave adventurer that I am! The tide was coming in quickly and though the channel didn't come all the way to the rim of my wellies there were now little waves in it which would have soaked my feet. Dilemma. I timed it very carefully to make a run for it in between the waves, snap a lead on her and make her walk back through, which she was not at all happy about, the twerp!

Some sheep in a pea-souper on the way home.

We had pea soup for tea tonight, I made it last night. True story.

7 sniffy tailwags:

Jen said...

poor gabbi! hopefully she slept fitfully the rest of the day.

Gennasus said...

Nearly a job for the coastguard there! Might even have made the papers. You'll have to teach Gabbi that she is actually waterproof.

River said...

I think Gabbi lost her brain completely. (my mom did that once when she had to go into a cave, her feet wouldn't move) Maybe she will learn from this. Rosie is a heroine! That was incredible how she tried and tried to get Gabbie to follow.

love & wags,

Crobeag Golden Retrievers said...

Poor Gabbi and poor you. I bet you started to panic too. I would've. Hope they all snuggled up beside the fire and you got a stiff drink to get over the ordeal.

See you soon.


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Gabbi slept like a baby when we got in......but that won't last, she's in season now and Alfie 'loves' her again!

Nancy Cleveland said...

Would expect nothing less of a faithful pup! :)

Lovely to see you listed on BlogDumps, Dughallmor...a touch of home almost. (was born, raised in Dundee) and I especially got misty-eyed at the pic of the sheep. I know, I know...one of those daft craiturs that can't see past them! Here, I don't even see them! Look forward to reading your other posts with more to come.

Niamh said...

What an adventure! Rosie sure was brave and smart to try to save Gabbi. Wish I lived near the ocean so I could go on great walks like that.

Your friend,