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Thursday, 26 March 2009

True Colours Thursday and Tagged!

It's True Colours Thursday again and this week's theme is BEIGE. To join in with the game visit Blue's blog to let her know you're playing.

BEIGE was another tough colour, all we could find were the Bookend Boys on the BEIGE sofa....and of course a pawprint in the sand!

Next week's colour.....SCARLET!


Our Mum was tagged by Lina to play this game....depending on which letter you have it's tougher than you'd think!
1. What is your name? Nicky
The following answers must all begin with the first letter of your name.
2. A four letter word? Nose
3. Girl name: Niamh Nala Nessa
4. Boy name: Noah Noah Nigel
5. Occupation: Ne'er-do-well!
6. Color: Navy Blue
7. Piece of clothing: Nylons
8. Food: Noodles
9. Item in the bathroom: Nivea
10. Place/City: New York (Rosie's suggestion!)
11. A reason for being late: Nicky's NEVER late! (ummm...hehe!)
12. Something you’d yell: Noooooooooooo!
13. Movie: Nacho Libre
14. Something you can drink: Navy Rum
15. Band: Nine Inch Nails?
16. Animal: Newt
17. Street name: Nairn Road
18. Car: Nissan (Skyline *sigh*)
19. Song: Nessun Dorma
20. Activity that includes more than one participant: Netball (and nookie, hehe!)
We tag all those who we've linked to above, apart from Nala who Lina also tagged...well, their humans anyway, so that's Barbara, Denise, Sue, Nessa's Mum (sorry, don't know your name) and that Buggers fellow, but only if you want to play....no pressure :D We'd also like to tag guide dog for the colour blind Dave, since it's True Colours Thursday!
Petey finally got Rosie's love parcel, yippee!

Glad you liked your pressies Petey!
We've not had much chance to post this week, though we've still been going out for walks, so we're just going to post the week's pictures with a video thrown in, not many words!

This fuzzy fella gave Rosie a run for her money!

This lovely little girl is Stella. She's a one year old Labrador.

Rosie got all bossy on her chocolate ass! They played zoomies onthe beach until they were exhausted!

These could have gone into my True Colours for BEIGE!

Video: As usual gobby Rosie is on top form....unless you want to be deafened....turn volume down!

Finally....we got a lovely parcel from Italy. It arrived last week and we've been trying to find a minute to get it open, photographed and posted.....BUT....we have to 'fess up first, here's a clue....and a certain Mummy's Boy is the culprit!

Paco, Milo....thank you for the lovely gifts, we're sorry it's taken us so long to post about your parcel, we promise to do it tomorrow, PROMISE!

28 sniffy tailwags:

Mason Dixie said...

Wow what a busy post. So much going on. Thanks for sharing your true colors, your beach fun with friends and oh the goodies from those Italian boys. =)

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Mason Dixie stole the woos from my paws!

What a busy BUT furry great post!

I khan't wait to see MORE!


Rosie said...

Wow you have a furry big family and I love the pictures. Which one is Snoop?? I would like to see who my date will be. I see you live near the beach - do you surf??

Thor and Jack said...

You sure have been very busy.
True colors´s pictures and those pictures of you having fun at the beach are so cool! Looking forward to read more about you.


Golden Samantha said...

What a lot of comings and goings! Pressies, beach running, forest encounters, run-ins with a lab and so much more, including beige! Wonderful post with baying doggies!
Happy days!
xo Sammie

Niamh said...

Zoomies on the beach looks like lots of fun. Great shot of the beagle bookends. I'll get Barbara to do that game.

Your friend,

Asta said...

I think I want to come back next tie as a beagle living in youw house..you have the bestest adventoowes and awe so bootiful
I love you
smoochie kisses

NESSA the hovawart said...

Hi, guys and girls,

thank you for tagging me it sure is a fine game...and you will learn about my mommy's name hehe....
Super duper pics, again :-)

Love you,
Nessa and my mommy Bojana

Noah the Airedale said...

Crikey that is one doozie of a post maties. Thanks for tagging me and my pinky. It's a great tag. I hope I'm not tempted to cheat. My name starts with N too lol.


Suzuki said...

Woah! So much is going on over there! You guys all deserve a furry long nap!
Big licks to you

Martha said...

Hi Guys
You are all very busy over there. We agree beige is a very hard colour but loved the Bookend Boys!
All the pics are great as ever but loved the barrel shot with the two disappearing into it!!
The running shots are good - faces look all weird and wonderful! Love the ears aflapping!
We hope you all have a great day up there in Moray.
lots of love
Martha & Bailey xx

Molly the Airedale said...

Great beige choices! That color was simple for you guys! We loved the pictures of all of you! Mom loved the rainbow over the ocean!
Gorgeous photos as always, guys!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

Love your Bookend's.... :-)

Nice beach shots too....

Anonymous said...

Wow you has been busy, walks, presents, games, so much fun!!

All great photies as usual!!! :) xx

Unknown said...


Once again, I was sleeping on the couch but when I heard your song, I woke up and looked out the window, hoping you were waiting for me in the park across the street. Now, I NEVER react to dogs on TV or on other videos, only you. (I don't even budge when I hear the bus go by right under our window!)

Hmmm, wonder what else is beige...oh yeah...ME!

I've invited you to New York for an evening of dining and dancing at the famous Rainbow Room -- see? that rainbow over the ocean gave me a great idea! Are you up for it? Figure the aunties can come too to chaperone. In fact, I've invited all the love-struck pups to come along. (Naturally, we'll find some quiet time to ourselves...)

I'm busy assembling some goodies for you...hopefully, we'll be able to walk down to the Post Office if it doesn't rain!

Love the photos of you in action! You and Gabbi can really fly, can't you?

Lots of whiskery kisses,

Your Petey

The Army of Four said...

Woo! Those are some of the BEST pix yet!
Thanks for the tag - I'll get on it within a few days!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

That was a great post. Beige was tough, we fiddled a bit with it and pulled in a lot of different shades, beige, tan, ivory, ecru, cream") All those pics of you guys are so nice. The ones with three in one are beautiful. Mom snapped a pic of us while your video was playing, she says she might post it tomorrow.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Poopsie aka Blue said...

Another action packed post.
Neat beiges - loved the bookends. But, the best bits came later.
Can I play the tag - well, stealing it anyway.

Best wishes and pats & pets

Roan said...

The beige bookends is my favorite shot, but all are fun.

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

BOL! I love Rosie's noisy roo-ing. WTG telling that lab who was boss too. Hey, no more long lead? Yay! I like the piccure of Gabbi in the barrel lots.

Great beige's my fav is the bookend boys too.
~lickies, Ludo
Very interesting tag also, Mum has played that afore on a forum.

Hamish Westie said...

Hi Beagles
I was in the garden, but rushed inside through the dog flap when I heard barking in the kitchen. I thought we'd been invaded. But it was just Rosie and the rest of you, coming through the computer. So I've started barking too - perhaps you can hear me?
PS What did you find in the barrel?

Gennasus said...

The bookends are my favourite!

Girasol said...

Nice beige sofa and i like the paw print, that place is a beautiful and looks like all of you had a wonderful time.

Eric said...

Woah, you've been busy Beagles. Aparts from when you are being bookends.Great Yakkety Yakking Rosie. I sometimes answer you.

Oooooh the Rainbow Room. Get shopping Rosie. Nah.Second thoughts shop in New York.I'm sure Petey will buy you some bling earings at Sniffanys.

Wiry wags n kissies. Eric xx

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

The boys as bookends.. now that's cute!

You beagles are very quick on that video running around the wood.

Nice beach shots and the Yakety-yak..that made me lol.

lew said...

There's room on the sofa for Alih & James too to snuggle. ;) I loved that pic of your boys!

Stinkin' kisses from Alih & James

The Oceanside Animals said...

Life is good for the beagles!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! The look of joy on the faces of 4 wacky beagles!! And the silence of sleep later on...! Poppy is the vocal one at ours - she goads Bella into playing with her - glad its a beagle trait! Back soon, Cat xxxx