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Friday, 12 March 2010

New Crib......

Well, here we are in our new surroundings, we've been busy exploring and want to show you some cool stuff......ready?
Come on then, follow me!
We've only moved a few miles along the coast but it's so different. Findhorn and Roseisle beaches are very flat but here it's much more dramatic! See the building in the top left of the picture? Well that's Burghead and Roseisle is on the other side of that.
Here we have lots of cliffs, coves and caves to explore........and giant insects in the sea??
Thank dog that's far away! Ah, this is more like it.....She calls it beach art.....whatever dude, we call it somewhere to leave our pee-mail, hahaha!
This one has pretty patchwork all over it..........ok, enough with the stones already............duuh, take more photos of us!
That's better...........tag, you're it!
Well, even though we've moved, the small big 'uns still have to be driven to school which means we still get to go on some of our favourite walks.....
.....like Findhorn......see the seal? Gabbi likes to tell him off :o))
But wherever we are.........Snoop always seems to end up up to his neck in "it"!
Uh, 'scuse me.......don't I get a mention?? I've moved too you know! Do you like my tree stump? It's just outside the dog run.........the Beagles love it when I pose for them..at least I think that's what all the noise is about.............bravo Gus, they bark....you're the best!
Sometimes I like to sit on top of this thing too.......and scratch the roof with my awesome claws, that drives them mad......it's their kennel........bwahahaha! How's that for a view though?! I mean there are usually at least a dozen bunnies in that field..not to mention squillions of meeces!
Oh! That was stressful! I thought that cat was never gonna shut up, he thinks he owns the place! Maybe I should practise my doga...............aaarrroooohhhhhhmmmmmmm....
....peace out baby!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the move, looks a super place...
Love the beach stones, and your log fire looks so inviting....:)

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Hurrahhh! Back and blogging!
Wowzers, what a pawsome new area to live in, looks very wild and rugged, just like the boys!
~lickies, Ludo

Sue said...

It's nice that you have a new beach to explore. It looks like lots of things can hide behind those rocks. Have fun and keep posting pictures.

Dot O said...

Congratulations on the move!! Your area looks perfect!! The dogs look content. Now, please explain that one rock with all of the color variations - that is just way too cool!!!

Stella said...

The Dughallmor's are back in town!
Or back on the beach, anyway.

We have missed you, beyond missing you and will look forward to all the details of the move, and even more great pictures!


Niamh said...

Looks like you've moved to a great place. We are sure that your beagle noses have been working overtime to check out all the new smells. Good Luck in your new home.

Your friends,
Niamh & Ambrose

Molly the Airedale said...

What a beautiful spot you've moved too! How we have missed your wonderful collages!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Cinnamon and Mint said...

It seems you have settled into your new house well. And the new place looks so beautiful! I love the patchworked stones!! I look forward to hearing more about the new place.

uberrhund said...

Congrats that you have moved house (and Beach) with success!
What a lovely wild beach to explore.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Thanks fur sharing the pikhs of your new khrib!

It looks like a keeper of a place!

The last pikh is proof of that!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie
PeeEssWoo: Of khourse, the khat is evil but....

Oscar the Beagle! said...

wow! new places to explore that looks great fun! Hope you enjoy your new surroundings

My mam wants to know if you were running free or did you always have on long leashs as we can see in some of the photos - the photos are fab btw keep them coming x

The Army of Four said...

Wow! What a totally cool post! LOVE the collages and that whole ocean thing you guys have going on is simply the BEST!
Gus, that is one COOL post you've got - it must take a lot of talent to balance up there. I don't think I could do that, even though I'm an honorary kit-cat!
Practicing doga by a warm fire? Yeah, that is the perfect way to round out the day!
Play bows,

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

You're backkkkkkkkkkk!!!
And you have moved such in a wonderful place!!!!
That beaches looks fantastic and you all look sooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!
And now we're very very very happy reading about you again!!!!!!
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.....don't desappear more ok????!!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend dear friends!!!!
Tons of love and kisses!!!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh my...you're all MOVED! Isn't it just sooooo much work...and your mom had to pack all your dog toys too!! It looks so beautiful...how far is you house from the beach?

We are so glad your back!!!

Kisses, dear Friends!!!

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanny

Amber and Nala said...

Looks like a fabulous new place but still great that you get to visit some of your old haunts as well after taking the kiddos to school. Good job telling that seal off too Gabbi! ;)


Lorenza said...

Your new place sure is pawesome!
I am sure you have been busy exploring it!
Kisses and hugs

Noah the Airedale said...

Pals, we hope you enjoy living at the new place. The pics are great. Is it any closer to Keith ?

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

the magic sleigh said...

Woooos Beagles and my Snoop! Nice to see woo again! I hope woo are settling in ok, beware of that cat they tend to think they are emperor of the world or something.... and what was that comment about my poor little Snoop getting into things? Nothing wrong with that!
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Clive said...

What a fantastic new crib!

We love all your collages - we missed seeing them!

take care
Clive and the NSLM

Miss Lizzy said...

We love your pics! So you've moved? Bet you're all glad its over and done with! What views you have! Glad to see how well you all are.

Eric said...

Yoohoooo! Wagging to see you back and blogging. The beaches and views from your new place look amazing - perhaps cos you guys are in the photo's!

Wiry love Eric xxx

Joe Stains said...

omdog thanks for all those gorgeous pictures. We are glad you made the move successfully and even took the C-A-T!

Riba said...

Looks nice ... :o) And Snoop seems to become more white :o)

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hope you are all nicely settled in your new place!!
Those stones/ beach art looks really nice, especially the patchwork one! :)

Agatha and Archie said...

Hellllloooooooooo It looks so lovely and thoses stones are super cool!! Wow you will be so busy becasue it looks like there is ALOT to do!!! Love and kisses A+A

Life With Dogs said...

Your pictures are going to be even better. So we need regular posts! :p

Piappies World said...

Great to see your new home! The collages are really pawesome so much smiles and fun photos. You always do them so well. We are also happy to see you guys again.

- Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies

Ria said...

Glad to have my Best Beagle buddies back, missed you guys! Bet your loving all the new adventures.
Jasper wishes he could have been with you's as he feels like he misses out, when Snoop rolls in "it" and Jasper doesn't get to!!

Kess And Her Mama said...

Looks like the new place has a lovely area to explore. So that should mean more walks - Hurray! Love the doga pose!

Amber-Mae said...

Hey guys! You moved to a new home? Looks like you got lotsa place for you to run & romp around. Hope you Beagles are having a lovely time!

Love licks & Hugs,
Solid Gold Dancer

Carolina said...

That view is to die for (not that there is any point in doing that). I hope you all enjoy your new home? If not... could we discuss perhaps some sort of exchange?


Unknown said...

Happy Easter beagles and my sweet Rosie!

What a beautiful view you have from your new home. Looks just gorgeous. And all new smells and peemail locations. You must be exhausted!

Your loving hubbie,


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Tina. said...

We love your new place and the terrain looks like it will be very interesting to explore, sniff but hopefully stay out of trouble. Looks like you are all settled in as well if the last picture is anything to go by!