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Thursday 28 April 2011

It's A Wrap


3rd July 2007 ~ 24th April 2011

On Easter Sunday, after a brief but very aggressive battle with kidney failure and despite the best efforts of her wonderful vet, we had to say goodbye to our darling Gabbi. She was our youngest at only three years old. Our hearts are broken.

Her ashes will be scattered at Duffus Castle, her favourite place and our daily walk.

I had always hoped to come back to blogging someday, but my heart just isn't in it, especially now....it wouldn't feel right to continue without Gabbi, so sadly this will be our last post, though the blog will remain, I could never delete it. Thankfully, we can keep up with many of our blogging buddies on the dreaded......Facebook!


"Although my tail, it's last has waved,

From pain and suffering i've been saved."

Goodnight sweetheart....until we meet again xx


We'd just like to say also....thanks so much to all who followed our antics over the past few years....we have had SO much fun with this blog, as well as following everyone else's......all the adventures, the memes, the romances, the globetrotting, the contests, the pay it forwards etc......we have a collection of things that we'll always treasure.....we've made some life-long friends (even got to meet some!) and have lots of very precious memories xx

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♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We were so sad when we heard the news about Gabbi from Just Harry and Jake. So very young, but she must be making a lot of our furry furiends across the Rainbow Bridge very happy now. We are sad to see you close the blog especially since we aren't on Facebook. We send you all our best wishes and hugs to all of the Dughallmor Beagles - we miss you.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

As we paw, not furever...just fur now -


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness - we're so devastated to hear about Gabbi. We had always kept looking eagerly to see if you'd returned to blogging -but certainly hadn't wanted it to be like this. And we're very sorry to hear that you'll be stopping blogging altogether (mainly because I hate FB and hardly ever go on it so find it hard to keep touch with the friends who have defected to it! :-) ) - but we can completely understand.

Just to let you know that we're thinking of you from the other side of the world...

Hsin-Yi & Honey the Great Dane

Asta said...

I have missed you, but always hoped you would come back to blogging. We so enjoyed youw wondewful photogwaphs of alll of you wunning , eaws flying and enjoying life.
I am so vewy sad fow you and fow all of us .
Sweet Gabbi left us all much too eawly, but I know she had the most happy life full of love. Fawell sweet Gabbi..till we meet again someday. I will wecognise youw bootiful silky eaws and joyful wun.
I will always tweasoowe the times wea ll had togethew on the bloggie
all my love and sad smoochie kisses

Sally said...

We were so very sorry to hear this sad news - all our love

D, Sally and Paddy

Molly the Airedale said...

We are so sad to hear the news of Gabbi.
Your blog has always been one of our favorites. We'll miss you.
We love you guys!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

The Musketeers said...

We are so sorry about Gabbi, Nicky!! Run free my dear sweet girl! We will be missing you..

Clive said...

We are so very sorry to read about Gabbi!

We've always loved reading your blog and following all your adventures and we had missed your blog so much but we totally understand your decision.

We'll stay in touch on FB.

take care
Clive & Co

Jake of Florida said...

You know how we feel -- heartbroken too. Wishing we had shared more smooches. Wishing we had gone to more places. Wishing we had actually met!!!

We'll miss your blog, but we understand. We hope the memories will help heal your heart and we'll be thinking of you and the happy moments we shared always!

Jake (and Just Harry and Mom,Joan)

Kess And Her Mama said...

'I'm so sorry abt Gabbi's passing. It's heartbreaking to lose a family member. Do take care.

The Army of Four said...

We love you, Gabbi! Stormy and Ammy were there to meet you!

lew said...

R.I.P Gabbi

Lots of love from Sweden

Dot O said...

Nicky, you do know you will meet again....

Goodnight Gabbi - sweet dreams for now - be waiting for your mum.


Jans Funny Farm said...

We too were sad when we heard the news. Losing a pet, especially at such a young age, is a shock.

We're glad you posted to your blog, even though it's only to say farewell, so other bloggers know why you won't be posting.

We are very sorry for the loss of your Gabbi! And we will miss you all.

Stella said...

So very sorry to hear you have lost your sweet Gabbi!

I was just thinking of you, because I had a huge computer crash last night and am at the library cancelling subscriptions, etc. It will be a month before we get fixed I am sure.

But for now, thanks for your friendship, I have missed you since you moved to (ugh) Facebook. And my heart is with you right now.

Jo, Stella and Ali Z

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

oh, we heard about this on Jake's blog. We're so sorry. We've missed you so much and then to hear this tragic news, just awful.
Thank you so much for letting us know.


We were just heart broken when we learned about Gabbi. We started following you all several years ago after finding you on Dogs With Blogs. We always looked forward y to your next post and all the wonderful pictures of those beautiful hounds. We will miss the blog, but we understand. After we lost our 1st 2 beagles a week apart it was hard to go on with our blog. Were just glad we have you as a friend on FB and will get a glimpse every now and then of those dogs. Take care. and Lots of licks!
Bug & Bandit
David & Andy

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

We love you guys...we understand...if you want to come back a visit for a bit, we'll be here.

We can't even imagine your pain...she was just too young. Your blog was and is and expression of love for your dogs and country. We have learned much from your stories...

If you need us, we're here...and on FB too...

Lots of love,

Scruffy, Lacie, Stanny and Mumsie

An English Shepherd said...

so sorry to read this.


Eric said...

I'm truly upset and so sad for your loss of lovely Gabbi, so very very young, we send you all our heartfelt sympathy. We've loved your blog with it's glorious photo's, I'm glad you are leaving it - a treasure for all to dip into.

Take care. Love Eric + B xx

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

well, I am so sorry to hear this news, I met Gabbi, and she was just such a wonderful Beagle....Marv and I have such lovely memories of that hot sunny day when we walked with you, and the Beags!

I was shocked and upset to read the sad news, such a short life, and yet, you gave her so much happiness and love, please don't feel bad.

My thoughts, or should I say, our thoughts are with you.

I also understand about the dog blog stuff. I have found it so hard just lately to keep up.

Keep your lovely blog as a memory of a life well lived.

Your friends, Jeannie and Marvin xxxx

Unknown said...

I was so sorry to hear about Gabbi. Losing our furry ones is tough enough, but so much harder when they are so young.

Hugs and kisses from across the pond at the other beach.