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Thursday, 18 September 2008


Dufosee Gypsy Rose at Dughallmor
Hi there, i'm Gabbi and i'm the baby of the pack (but i'm only nine days younger than Rosie) and the only Tan and White, which means i'm special doesn't it? I am a real sweetie and love getting a cuddle from everyone, it's my favourite (apart from liver cake obviously!) Unlike Rosie I am not shy, infact i'm the opposite of shy........I want to meet everyone and be everyone's friend. I tell everyone this by barking to announce my arrival anywhere, I like showing and love it when all eyes are on me.
I love being chased and when we're out for a walk I take off at top speed, it's not long before they're all chasing me yelping....usually it's Rosie who catches me, she's so fast but pretty soon the boys catch up and we all end up in a pile! When i'm at home I like to sit on top of our crate and look out of the window, my Mum says I look like i'm waiting for a pint! (i'm sure she'll put more photos on soon) I am also doing my Good Citizen obedience, i'm on my Silver award now.......much to everyone's astonishment!

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Jake of Florida said...

Hello Gabbi,

I've been exploring your blog to learn more about you -- and now I know about the tall tree your blog is named after -- as well as your family history and your talents.

I would so love to run through the forest with you. If you've looked at the short video of me and JH running on the golf course, you get an idea of my "perfect circles." But freestyle through the forest -- a dream!!!

Wirey love, sweetie!!!