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Thursday 18 September 2008


Dufosee Femme Fatale at Dughallmor
Hello, my name is Rosie and i'm very shy, I don't really like having my photo taken which my Mum thinks is a shame as i'm so pretty. I was a year old in June and came here as a puppy from Herefordshire with my housemate and best friend Gabbi. Although i'm shy i'm such a flirt, but only with boys I know, especially that hunk Alfie! My hobbies are.........rolling in anything dead or brown or green, especially the day before a show, I may look ladylike but i'm a tomboy really! I also like to skin tennis balls, swim, bark and play chase with my housemates...........and anyone else who's up for a game. I wait until everyone is napping on the sofa then pounce on them with a toy, heehee! My favourite thing is snuggling up for a cuddle.........and I do give the best cuddles, or so i'm told! I am full of mischief and a professional theif and escape artist. I also go to obedience at Spey Valley, i'm stuck on my Bronze as I was in season on test night.......sometimes I go to ringcraft there too, or at Banff, Moray & Nairn but I don't much like it unless Gabbi is there too!

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Unknown said...

Ahh, Rosie - you like skinning tennis balls, I like skinning tennis balls...you like swimming and long walks on the beach, I like swimming and taking long walks on the beach...

I don't chase other dogs (only balls) but I do like to interrupt Mommy's favorite television shows by squeaking my loudest toys just at crucial moments.

We may be a match made in Blogdom, my highland lassie!

Your pal,