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Thursday, 18 September 2008

A word from Mum.......

This is our cat Gus, he's the REAL boss!

When we lost our three-legged X-breed at the age of 13, my husband and I vowed we'd never have another dog (famous last words!). We didn't want to be tied down as you sometimes are with a dog. We took the kids away abroad for the first time and had a lovely holiday but when we'd been back a few weeks we felt that something was missing.......the house felt as though it was lacking something. It wasn't long before we realised that it was a dog we needed!
This is a photo of Jasper, our first dog, with his best friend, my Granda............both now departed.

Jasper at around 10wks old, so cute!

We wanted a 'proper' dog this time and soon decided on getting a Beagle.......a few short weeks
(it felt like months!) after answering an ad for Beagle puppies we made the journey to Carmarthenshire to collect Snoop, it was Fathers' Day 2004..........maybe that was an omen........Snoop is such a man's dog and a proper Daddy's boy! There our love affair with this adorable breed began............

Snoop at around 7wks

When Snoop was about a year old we thought he might like a companion, after all, two dogs is no more work than one, right? We hadn't banked on Alfie though- Snoop had been a breeze! After looking back into Snoop's pedigree we decided to go to the Dialynne kennel this time........we had to wait a while for a puppy, which we didn't mind and on April 1st 2006 we went to Birmingham to pick up Alfie, this date too could have been an omen.........Alfie IS such a fool, but a very lovable one and he's definitely Mummy's boy (though he does adore his Dad too)!

Alfie comes home, 9wks old

While out walking one day we met someone who advised us to show the boys as she said they were both very nice, this prompted me to do what i'd been thinking about for a while anyway and I joined a ringcraft club. At around the same time we had decided to book a bitch from the Dufosee kennel (also in Snoop's ancestry). When I spoke to Veronica she told me she had two litters due.......I couldn't resist looking into both matings and after some gentle persuasion I managed to convince Craig to let me book one out of each litter and at the end of August 2007 we went to collect our little darlings Rosie and Gabbi!

Rosie, 9wks

Gabbi, 8wks

We feel honoured to share our home and lives with our Beagles, they are an endless source of entertainment and companionship.........they make us laugh......and cry and we can't imagine being without them! We hope you like them too, feel free to leave comments!

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Gennasus said...

So glad you've got this blog off the ground! Great start, I'll be back to check on you!

wyvisview said...

Cracking blog!! Great piccies too. Snoop looks soooo cute as a pup!! What about a baby pic of Alfie?
See you soon.

Riba said...

They were sooooooo cute when they were puppies! Great presentation, I realy enjoyed reading it.

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Lovely words, lovely pictures and lovely Pups!

I have a friend who is owned by Molly The Beagle, she howls on her walk all the time, we always know where Molly is, her howl precedes her!

Jeannie :0))))))))

Anonymous said...

Hello! Scott's mum here! What a lovely introduction! You have obviously found "your breed" as I have with my Pointers! They seem quite similar in a few aspects but not size! lol xx