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Thursday, 18 September 2008


Law And Order of Dughallmor
I'm Snoop and i'm the oldest here at Dughallmor, Mum says I act like such a little old man but i'm still only four and my inner puppy emerges when we're at the beach! I love to chase things, anything that moves really, the faster the better.....Nimrods are a particular favourite but jet-skis and motorbikes will do, I once chased a motorbike all the way along the beach from Roseisle to Burghead, much to the amusement of my spectators (and the exasperation of my family)! Now that Gabbi and Rosie are here I usually just stick to chasing them, I don't get into trouble for that and they don't seem to mind! When we're at home I like nothing more than to sleep on the sofa......all day long suits me, wake me up at teatime, eating is my other hobby........well, I am a Beagle you know! I came from South Wales and i'm told i'm a very handsome boy, Mum used to drag me along to all these shows but I soon made it clear I didn't enjoy it so now I get peace to nap and be "Daddy's Boy" while my housemates do all the work, hehe! I'm also my Nanny & Granda's favourite! I let Alfie think he's the boss around here.........but he SO IS NOT!
A note about Snoop's photo........it was taken by a fellow Beagle lover and the owner of one of Snoop's first Beagle friends, Minnie-the-Minx........we had gone for a walk on Findhorn Beach and there were lots of people there and a few photographers as the QE2 was on her way past. Minnie was there with her mum and dad and a couple of weeks later they gave us the lovely photos they'd taken. I hope they don't mind me using this one, it's one of my favourites!

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